Paramedics TV Series

“Paramedics” is back on our screens with a brand new series in November and DecemberCatch 'Paramedics' each Thursday, 9pm TV3.


This is following the hugely successful first series.  TV3’s critically acclaimed ‘Paramedics’ returns to our screens for a brand new second series on Wednesday next at 8.30pm on TV3


“Paramedics” goes behind the ambulance doors and on the road with the dedicated men and women of the National Ambulance Service.  This second series gives viewers a keen insight into the role of Ireland’s front line pre hospital emergency service.  The service is highlighted from all four corners of the country from Donegal to Cork and introduces a host of new faces, and new bases and a wide variety of 112/999 calls

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Series two - Episode 6river rescue

In the series finale of the Paramedics series, we see what happens when series one favourites PeterDelea and ImeldaO’Shea, from Cork, reunite for one last night shift together and face the darkest of rescues when a man jumps into the River Lee. What 999 call takers and emergency Paramedics deal with when a call for help is more then it appears and how a rise in adult hoax callers leads to a dangerous drain on the ambulance services, in the call centre, and across the country in cities and towns. In a poignant piece of television, we see how not all maternity calls are one’s ambulance crews want to remember, when an expecting mother calls for help, having suffered a suspected miscarriage. While in Dublin, we see a stark contrast to the series one finale, when an elderly man goes from feeling ill to taking a cardiac arrest in moments on camera, only to be shocked by his own defibrillator... In this emotive, endearing and heartfelt series finale of Paramedics, we see life in full circle, from death, to survival, and how no matter the call, OUR emergency crews across the country are always at the ready, to respond...

Series two - Episode 5

In the penultimate episode of the Paramedics series, It’s a family affair for Waterford Paramedic Joe Winters and his partner and nephew Advanced Paramedic Derek Burke. But things take a serious turn when the duo are called to a suspected drowning in a river, and the patient isn’t best pleased. We see what 999 call takers and emergency Paramedics face, in the darkest of calls for help, from depression to suicide attempts, and who’s left to pick up the pieces, when a patient is beyond any help.

In Dublin, What happens when ambulance crews respond to a serious fall in a national park, and are faced with an unexpected obstacle when the ambulance can’t get past a locked car park barrier. It’s all hands on deck, and as much equipment as the Paramedics can carry, as they begin to search for the patient.

And we see the human side of a drug addiction, how it ruins lives and effects loved ones, when a panicked mother calls 999 for help after her son takes a heroin overdose.

Help is available

If you have been affected by any of the content covered in this episode, visit to search for supports in your local area, and information on what to do when someone tells you they are suicidal or at risk of self-harm.


Samaritans is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for anyone struggling to cope. For confidential, non-judgemental support please free call 116 123 in the Republic of Ireland or 08457 90 90 90 in Northern Ireland, email, or visit for details of the nearest branch.


Pieta House operates the Suicide Bereavement Counselling centres to  support those who have been bereaved by suicide. The free call suicide helpline 1800 247 247 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or you can text HELP to 51444 (standard message rates apply).

Series two - Episode 4

In this episode we head to Cork and see what an ambulance crew faces at night when a drunken man lying on the road refuses assistance and becomes aggressive.

Paramedics Denise Forde and Imelda O’Shea are first on the scene and immediately try to get the man up off the ground but he’s unresponsive and won’t move. As a result, the Gardaí are called and the man becomes violent resulting in him being arrested.

To add to the commotion, a drunken passer-by decides to verbally and physically attack the paramedics

Eventually, the drunken man is taken to the Garda station but the incident takes up over an hour-and-a-half.

Commenting on the situation, Paramedics Denise Forde says: “The whole process took up a lot of our time and at the end of it, it’s nothing but drink. There was nothing medically wrong [with him]. We find that an awful lot of our night time calls are either drug or alcohol related”. 

Also, in this episode, there’s a serious medical emergency when a foreign tourist collapses and suffers a serious head wound in Limerick and we hear some of the strangest and most unusual 999 calls, from temper tantrums, and tuning the TV, to a dog in imminent labour, and everything in between.



Series two - Episode 3


In this episode of Paramedics, we see how ambulance crews cope when faced with a 112/999 call that no parent or paramedic ever wants to receive; sick and injured children.

In Cork, paramedics tend to a severely broken arm of a brave boy who’s fallen from his trampoline while it’s all hands on deck in Dublin when ambulance crews are called to treat a man who has received an unexpected injury while doing some gardening.

When a 14mth old baby takes a seizure, a mothers frantic call for help takes an unexpected turn, thanks to a simple Eircode and a lot of support.

And when a 5 year old boy takes a severe asthma attack in Galway, the emergency aeromedical helicopter “Air Corps 112” is called in for urgent assistance

Series two - Episode 2    'Air Corps 112

In episode 2 of ‘Paramedics’, TV3 gains unprecedented access on board the National Aeromedical Service; Air Corps 112 Paramedics and Helicopter

TV3’s Paramedics is back on our screens tomorrow night, (Wednesday 16th November) at 8.30pm.

In a first for Irish television, TV3 steps on board the National Ambulance Service Emergency Aeromedical Service; Air Corps 112, which responds to calls across the entire island of Ireland.

The AW139 Helicopter is provided and flown by the Irish Air Corps and staffed by an Advanced Paramedic from the National Ambulance Service.

Based in Custume Barracks, Athlone, we meet Air Ambulance Advanced Paramedic Paul Traynor who explains: “we’re based in Athlone due to the fact that it’s the centre of the country. Once we launch from Athlone, we’re 45-55 minutes to get anywhere in the country. There are lots of parts of Ireland that are quite rural and difficult for the ground ambulances to get to patients. The beauty of the Aeromedical Service is that we can fly direct to the scene and from there we can have a patient (for example) from Belmullet to Galway in 30 minutes, which would take over 2.5 hours to drive.”     

In episode 2, we see Paul (Traynor) and the crew of Air Corps 112 in action as they respond to a call from an elderly woman who has fallen from a bench in a remote location in County Wicklow. With the ambulance a good distance away and the patient in excruciating pain and suffering serious breathing difficulties, Air Corps 112 is the first on the scene, travelling across counties in just 14 minutes.

Paramedics in ambulanceWe also follow Trainee Paramedic David as he progresses from the classroom to emergency calls. On David’s first call out however, he comes face to face with the reality of the job, when he and the crew respond to a call of a disorientated man living in distressingly poor conditions. David must overcome the obstacles to treat the patient, and get to the bottom of exactly what has happened to the man.


Series two - Episode 1    'Clear and Available'

In this episode we see the highs and lows of the job, when an American tourist collapses on the very top of Blarney castle in Cork, and the daunting task the Paramedic crew face, in getting her down from the precarious edge of the medieval castle. In Dublin, Frontline ambulance crews are called to a heroin overdose in an abandoned building. With the patient found unresponsive at the bottom of a basement staircase, the Paramedics have their work cut out for them as they fight to save his life while avoiding dangerous hazards including an array of dirty and used syringes.

Then, from car crashes to cardiac arrests, we meet the call takers, who handle the thousands of panicked 112/999 calls for help, across the country, in a life changing medical emergency, everyday. And when a family bicycle carriage, carrying a mother and her three small children overturns on a busy road, the Dublin based rapid response motorbike is dispatched to the scene.