Projects funded by SHARP

Projects funded by SHARP

(1997 to 31 December 2020)

1997 - 2002

Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM)– Turkana, Kenya:  Building of huts for workers at a refugee camp and the establishment of a small industry making and selling baskets. -  £1,200 (1997) and £2,000 (2000)


MMM – Kitovu, Uganda:  Purchase of equipment and a replacement generator for a small rural hospital, which among other services deals with problems of malnourishment. - £1,500 (2000) and £1,200 (2001)


MMM – Capim Grosso, Brazil:  Child Health Development and Adult Literacy Project.  Purchase of cooking equipment and payment of the salaries of 6 monitors for one year. -  £3,000


GOAL – Maputo, Mozambique:  Building of two small schools for street children. - £4,799


Trocaire – Sudan:  Providing ox ploughs for rural community.  - £7,819


Housing Project, Emlaghmore, Co. Kerry: provision of enabling finance to attract Dept of Environment grant to build a house for elderly person - £3,000


The Edith Wilkins Hope Foundation, Calcutta:  Establishment of night shelter for 50 children. - £5,000


Jesuit Refugee Service, Gbarnga, Liberia:  Provision of materials for construction of school for war refugees. -              £8,000 (1999) and £2,000 (2001)


Society of St. Vincent de Paul, South Parish, Cork:  Establishment of social club for the elderly.   - £2,000


St. Martin’s Clinic, Chikwawa, Malawi:  Contribution to cost of replacing outreach vehicle. - £4,000


Small Bronze memorial to Famine Victims (as per Constitution):  Located near Staff Canteen, CUH. - £500


Sisters of Mercy School, Trujillo, Peru:  Purchase of schoolbooks for children living in extreme poverty in Shantytown. - £3,000


Kirogwe Teachers College, Tanzania:  Provision of training in education/health related matters for people of the region.-     £4,500


Kiryandongo Refugee Camp, Uganda:  SHARP contributions paid for the training of one young male resident as a teacher for the camp, and three young ladies as nurses.  Contributions paid for year two nursing training. -£3,000 (2000), £1,700 (2001) and €2158 (2002)


Coiste Tithe Uibh Laoire, Ballingeary:  Housing for an older person.-  €8888


Divine Word Missionaries, Cochabamba, Bolivia:  Equipment for general health education.-           €1,000


Medical Missionaries of Mary, Kitale, Kenya:  Aids Project    - €5,000




Action Aid Ireland : equipment for Bulera Health Unit, Uganda  - €3,000


Limulunga Project of Hope: social and feeding programme for destitute elderly, Western Zambia - €3,000


Aidlink Project: solar system in the Children’s ward, St. Andrew’s Health Centre, Biikira Parish, Rakai District, Uganda -  €3,114


Architecture Students, UCD, Into Africa Project: capital costs to rebuild a school in Bahati, Kenya - €1,105


Sr. Mary Roe, RSCJ, Kyamulsausala School, Uganda - to pay an agricultural labourer for one year and to buy seeds, fruit trees and garden tools. - €1,000


Sr. Mary Roe, RSCJ, Kyamulsausala School, Uganda: contribution towards school fees (equivalent of sending 10 children to school for a year). - €1,000


NASC: The Irish Immigrant Support Centre - €5,000




Aidlink, Kachonga Health Centre, Mbale, Uganda - towards completion of the health centre.- €5,099


Tomorrow’s Child Trust: Women in Need Project, Cape Town, South Africa - €2,970


Community Animation Centre, Choyghoria, Bongaon, India (sdb):  €5,000


Little Sisters of the Assumption:  Community Project, Pasay City, Phillipines -  €4,000


Aidlink:   Food security at St. Kizito Mbuye-Kiteredde Primary School orphanage, Kampala, Uganda. -  €7,000


St Mary’s Maternity Hospital, Khartoum, Sudan, (Sr. Mary Scullion): €10,000


Infant/Toddler Parent Education Program for disadvantaged African/American Community, Jonestown Learning Centre, Mississippi. (Sisters of the Holy Names): -  €2,000


Niall Mellon Township Challenge, Capetown, South Africa - €4,000


Aidlink: Construction of a Community Dispensary at Kasunguni, Kitui, Kenya. - €8,197


The De Porres Trust, St Vincent, West Indies (Fr Candon, O.P.): Community support. - €6,130


The Holy Spirit Sisters, Limulunga, Zambia via Tomorrow’s Child Trust: Infants at risk of Malnutrition (Sr Janet Nall, Director). - €2,890


S.A.F.E. (Support for Afghan Further Education): Construction of Mirazar Middle School and Girls Education (Terence G.K. O’Malley, Chairman). -  €3,500


Medical Missionaries of Mary: Kitale Aids Project –Sr. Mary Dunne - €5,000 


St. Andrews Biikira Health Centre, Uganda: Provision of Solar System. - €7,054




Holy Family Youth Caregivers and Langsyde Orphans, South Africa, Sr. Melanie O’Connor: To complete the building of a Care Centre. - €9,200


Aidlink: Replace rusted pipes with plastic pipes in the wards of Nkozi Hospital, Mpigi District, Uganda. - €7,250


Volunteers in Irish Veterinary Assistance (VIVA): ‘Basic animal husbandry manual’ for training. - €2,500


Ansary Foundation, Bangladesh, Dr Habib Millat: Education of 64 students at MSA Junior School, Sirajgong district. -  €1,000


Catholic Church (Don Bosco), Assam, India: Educational Fund for Adibasi students from schooling till job placement. - €7,500


Society of St. Vincent de Paul (Grange):  Refurbishment of semi derelict house for elderly person. - €5,000


Kitale Aids Programme, Medical Missionaries of Mary, Kenya (Sr. Mary Dunne: To purchase drugs for treating opportunistic infections. - €5,000


Aidlink, on behalf of Caritas MADDO. To promote sustainable methods of agriculture and to improve the food security situation in households in Masaka, Uganda. - €5,000


Medical Missionaries of Mary, (Mary O Malley, MMM): To sponsor one young man in Kenya through a 2 year Social Studies course. -  €600



The Development Education Network-Liberia, Gbarnga (Miriam T. O’Brien); Shelter assistance for returnees. - €3,600


Foundation of Life Women’s Centre, ThailandSr Michelle Lopez, (via Brid Dunne); Medical assistance for women and girls working in the sex tourist industry. - €3,000


Malawi Orphan Appeal Fund (Maggie Blackley); Food supplement for smaller children. - €3,425


Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, Mosongilia Village Women’s Development Project: (Sister Teresa McKeon) To purchase tools, seeds and medicines in order to provide food security.-  €1,500


Edith Wilkins Street Children Foundation, India. (Leo McMahon, Chairman). Clinic/Sick bay/ Hygiene/ Supplementary feeding.- €7,500


Ansary Foundation, Bangladesh. (Dr Habib): To build classrooms, and run school. - €6,000


Holy Family Sisters, Malithuso High School, P.O. Box 187, Mapoteng 250, Lesotho. (Sr.Theresia Selete):  To complete the building of 3 classrooms. - €3,000


The Hope Foundation (Viki Mulhall): Primary Health Care Programme in South Kolkata, West Bengal, India. - €3,000


S.A.F.E.: (Terence O’Malley): Establishment of 3 tented primary schools in district Mansehra in NWFP of Pakistan. - €3,000


Aidlink (on behalf of REEP): Pilot Bee-keeping project to improve the quality of life of those families suffering from HIV/AIDS in Busia, Kenya - €4,000


De Porres Trust.  (Fr. Jim Candon, O.P.):  To maintain current outreach community support. - €5,000


Langsyde School, South Africa (Sr. Melanie O’Connor c/o Pat O’Mahony): A reading library for the school. - €3,000


Niall Mellon Township Challenge (Peadar Scannell): Towards building a new township in Cape flats.                                                                €3,000





Associacao de Apoio & Articulacao da Communade Missionaro de Mburanas, Brazil: Provision of water cisterns for families in semi desert area - €6,000


AIDLINK, Uganda: Sustainable Improved Livelihood of marginalised women through the establishment of sustainable organic agriculture. - €10,500


Medical Missionaries of Mary, Mukuru, Kenya: Community based healthcare project for AIDS victims - €10,000


Mosongila Village Women’s Development Project Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, Sierra Leone West Africa.  Construction of a store to keep the harvest, farm tools and equipment safe. - €5,000 


Small Change Project, Malawi:  Furniture, equipment, teaching aids and cooking utensils for day centre for AIDS orphans - €5,000


Malawi Orphan Appeal Fund: Building of Vocational Education facility for AIDS orphans - €3,000


Fondacioni Quedra Kristiane  Fushe–Arrez, Northern Albania: Equipment for Medical Centre - €3,400 


Ansary Foundation Bangladesh:  Repair of flood damage to school and replacement of school furniture destroyed in floods - €8,100


SAAS, Mombasa Kenya: Purchase of a traditional style house as a half-way house to accommodate 15 clients from the Kongowea slum to take part in an aftercare programme. - €15,000


Niall Mellon Project Imizamu, Yethu, Capetown SA:  House for shanty dwellers - €3,000

SAFE, Kajab Valley, Afghanistan: Sponsorship for training 5 local women as midwives in an area with the highest maternal death rates in the world - €7,300 


Edith Wilkins Foundation, Darjeeling, India: Refurbishment of 2 houses to improve conditions for street children in halfway accommodation - €10,000


De Porres Trust, St Vincents, Carribean: Outreach programme for general relief of situations of extreme poverty - €6,000


ASHDI, Bong County, Liberia: Construction of building and in service training of elementary teachers - €10,000


Cicadesco Ngo, Trujillo, Peru: Rotating credit union type loan fund for women living in shantytown - €10,000


Protea Project, Intshayelo, South Africa: HIV/AIDS education programme for primary schools - €5,000


Malithuso High School, Pretoria, South Africa: Funding towards construction of toilets for girls school - €3,300 


Leratong Hospice, Pretoria, South Africa: Furniture and equipment for hospice preschool - €5,000


Friends of Kitui, Kenya: Funding towards building secondary school - €10,000




Ansary Foundation, Bangladesh: New classrooms and educational necessities for children living at subsistence level - €10,650


AIDLINK, Kenya: Relief food programme in Turkana desert - €10,000


De Porres Trust, West Indies: Provision of basic necessities for destitute and unemployable people and prisoners - €10,000


Partners in Learning, Uganda: Provision of training to enable health education of communities - €4,000 


SAFE, Sayghan District, Afghanistan: Sponsorship for training 20 local women as midwives in an area with the highest maternal death rates in the world - €10,000 


Edith Wilkins Foundation, Darjeeling, India: Completion of halfway house for street children - €20,000


Malawi Orphan Appeal Fund: Completion and fit-out of Vocational Education building for AIDS orphans - €12,000


Christ the King Church, Kibera, Kenya:  Leadership training and education for slum residents - €10,000 


Bashanet Health Centre, Tanzania:  Purchase of laboratory equipment for a small hospital serving a population of 100,000 people - €3.500


ASHDI, Bong County, Liberia:  Funding of in service training programme for primary school teachers - €10,000


Irish Committee for Dr. Graham’s Homes, West Bengal, India:   Upgrading of sanitation and water facilities in school building- €2,600


Tomorrow’s Child Trust, Luwingu, Zambia:   Finishing building and providing furniture for new classrooms - €7,000


Mercy Thusanang Care Group, Winterveldt, South Africa:   Donation to feeding scheme for 739 families - €5,000


Wallaroo Playschool, Cork: Support and development opportunities for children retained for extended periods in immigrant holding centre - €18,000


Sullane Haven Project, Macroom, Co. Cork: Enabling the repatriation from Britain of two elderly Irish emigrants - €7,000


Assistance to Elderly:  Once off assistance to elderly mentally ill man (purchase of cooker) who failed to co-operate with usual sources - €350






Mukuro  KWA Njenga, Nairobi, Kenya:  Support for dispensary for slum residents - €10,000


Haven Partnership, Haiti:   Sponsorship for four volunteers working to build temporary accommodation for earthquake survivors - €8,000


ASHDI, Bong County, Liberia:  Completion of construction of two schools and three midwife houses. - €10,000


Dr. Graham’s Homes, India: Rainwater harvesting and distribution system. - €8,000


Daughters of Charity, Kenya: Construction of irrigation system- €4,675


Tomorrow’s Child Trust, Zambia:  Construction of hostel for girls’ school. - €15,000


SAFE, Afghanistan:  Training of healthcare workers. - €5,000


Ansary Foundation, Bangladesh: Extension to school and provision of educational requisites. - €5,000


De Porres Trust, West Indies: Purchase of site for soup kitchen. - €3,000


Comber Romanian Orphanage Appeal: Provision of wheelchair equipment. -  €4,000


Aidlink, Ireland: Contribution of agricultural project in Kibaale district, Uganda. - €10,000


Malawi Orphan Appeal: Supplementary food programme - €5,000


Edith Wilkins Street Children Foundation: Extension to girls’ halfway house, Darjeeling. - €12,000


O.R.M. Outreach, Moldova: Provision of sanitary facilities in orphanage. - €10,000




Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Kerry and Cork: Support to families. -  €30,000


T.O.I.L., Nangwa, Tanzania:  Donation towards building a library facility for girls’ school - €6,986


 A.S.H.D.I., Bong County, Liberia: Construction of log bridges and hand pumps. -  €13,090


AIDLINK, Turkana, Kenya: Donation towards Early Childhood Development and Skills Capacity Building for Nursery Teachers, Parents and Management Committees Project. -  €4,000


MMM, Choloma, Honduras: Donation towards the Health Education part of the Casa Visitation Project. -  €8,000


Varanasi Childrens Project, Varanasi, India: Medical Care for street children. - €5,000


The HOPE Foundation, India: Donation towards the provision of homeopathic support service to the crisis intervention project for street children. - €4,500.00


S.A.F.E. Afghanistan: Donation towards Micro Hydro Power Project, Begal Valley - €15,000             


Irish Committee for Dr. Graham’s Homes, Darjeeling District, N.E. India: Donation towards completion of rainwater harvesting project and the educational support of 10 children attending Gandhi Ashram School - €13,145


AIDLINK, Turkana, Kenya: Donation towards the purchase of four greenhouses for demonstration farms as part of the integrated food security programme. - €9,180


MMM, Kenya: Food for children during famine in the Horn of Africa - €15,000


St Francis Family Helper Programme, Uganda: Donation towards the furnishing of classrooms and therapy room, renovation of a staff house and student kitchen . - €8,500


Edith Wilkins Street Children Foundation, Darjeeling, India:  Donation towards the cost of furniture for girl’s house extension, the counselling room, computers, utensils for the boys’ halfway house and food and nutrition for the girls’ halfway house and the drop-in centre.  - €17,100


Mukuro KWA Njenga Community Based Health Care, Nairobi Kenya: Financial Support for Dispensary in large slum and medical costs of family affected by human trafficking. -    €9,689


Irish Committee for Dr. Graham’s Homes, Darjeeling District, N.E. India: Donation towards cost of emergency restoration of damaged buildings at the Gandhi Ashram School following 6.9 richter scale earthquake on 18 September 2011. -  €20,000





Aidlink, Ireland: Provision of clean water and safe sanitation for a primary school in Uganda. - €10,000


S.A.F.E., Afghanistan: Water scheme and hygiene training for two villages. - €10,000


Ansary Foundation, Bangladesh: Educational support, provision of materials and medical care for children of the poor. - €10,350


Aidlink, Ireland: Provision of community water facilities in Uganda. - €10,000


A.S.H.D.I., Liberia: Provision of water pumps - €13,000


Society of St. Vincent de Paul: Help with construction work to expand family resource centre providing educational support and nutrition to disadvantaged families. - €20,000


Serve: New workshop/classroom for Young Africa, Zimbabwe (contribution) - €4,562


Edith Wilkins Street Children Foundation: Nutrition and blankets for home for street children - €10,000


Irish Committee for Dr. Graham’s Homes: Restoration of children’s house following earthquake and educational support for children - €20,000


Daughters of Charity: Construction of cowshed, Thigio, Northern Kenya - €2,200


Shalom Centre for Conflict Resolution: Solar panels for inter-ethnic schools - €10,000


SAFE: Completion works to clinic in Shahidan, Afghanistan - €4,550


RAGE&T: Rainwater harvesting for girls school in Tanzania - €4,600


Aidlink, Ireland: Provision of clean water and sanitation facilities in two girls schools on Kibaale, Uganda - €9526


Ansary Foundation, Bangladesh: Educational material and equipment and dental and health checkup for children - € 12,000


A.S.H.D.I., Bong County, Liberia: Educational materials, and repair of school buildings - €10,000


Wallaroo Playschool, Cork: Developmental activity programmes for children living in Direct Provision Centres for Asylum Seekers - € 10,000


Zimbabwe Rural development Trust: Construction of new Double Classroom block for Lombora Secondary School, Zimbabwe - €15,000


Aidlink Ireland: Increased food security, nutrition and incomes among 200 rural poor subsistence farming households through the promotion of improved farming practices and increased banana, cassava, vegetable and cereal production in Wakiso District, Uganda -   €9,042


Irish Committee for Dr. Graham’s Homes: Support for students coming from the Ghandi Ashram School in Kalimpong, North East India, for children of the poorest of the poor to enable them to complete their education

- € 17,282

Completion of remedial works to girls’ boarding house in Dr. Graham’s Homes, which was severely damaged in an earthquake in 2011- € 11,808


Varanasi Children's Hospital: Community based programme for treatment of malnutrition in young children at risk of death - €10,000


Daughters of Charity Kindergarten & Women in Development Centre, Bonga, Ethiopia:  Repair and improvement works to school - €15, 657


Helping Babies Breathe: Purchase of neonatal resuscitation kits for 500 birth attendants in rural Sudan - €10,000


Edith Wilkins Street Children Foundation: Extension and remedial works to halfway house for street children and support for key staff member - €19,750




Aidlink: To improve water and sanitation facilities and provide hygiene training for 400 primary school children in Wakiso District, Uganda - €9006


Supporting Life Institute, UCC: To complete internal renovations to the Supporting Life Institute, to enable services to the rural poor, Muzuzu, Northern Malawi - €10,000


VMM Ireland: Provision of essential medicines for the Palliative Care Centre, Salima District, Malawi, for one year - €8,085


SAFE: Training in beekeeping in 3 villages in in Saighan District, Afghanistan - €6,100


Development Pomoja Ltd: Contribution to enable building a medical clinic/dispensary in Sarambei Village, Nakuru County, Kenya - €4,125


ASHDI: Assistance with programme to fight against Ebola in Bong County, Liberia, including community education and help to victims and their families - €15,000


Aidlink: Enabling of Community Development Programme, including provision of 30 training kits and 30 bicycles for the trainers in Kibaale District, Uganda - €10,110


Hope Foundation: Purchase of ventilator for the Hope Hospital in Kolkata, West Bengal, India - €11,828


SERVE: To provide a new deep well Phamm Community, Muvamba Mission, Southern Mozambique - €4,156


Kidane Meheret Childrens’ Home: Provision of food for 60 vulnerable children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - €10,000





Ashdi, Bong County, Liberia: Ebola campaign, including health education and food security for victims’ families - €13,000


Daughters of Wisdom, Manilla, Philippines: Rehousing of typhoon victims - €9,306


Aidlink, Waikiso District, Uganda: Nutrition, food security for 50 families - €10,613


Daughters of Charity, V de P, Thigia, Kenya: Purchase of goats - €3,000


The Infant Jesus Sisters Congregation, Yaunda, Cameroon: Contribution to construction of clinic - €15,000


Daughters of Charity V de P, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Education/capacity building, including HIV awareness - €4,959


Chimteka Children Support, Malawi: Contribution to construction of Maternity Unit - €10,000


Irish Committee for Dr. Graham’s Homes, India: Education Support for poor children- €10,000


Zimbabwe Rural Development Trust: Provision of living accommodation for teaching staff in remote school - €10,000


SAFE, Afghanistan: Extension of beekeeping project - €8,700


Mongu, Zambia: Water supply and toilets for school in remote area - €10,000


Aidlink, Uganda: Contribution to Provision of 8 wells - €10,000


                                                                        Total for 2015 - €104,578



IDEALS, Gaza: Contribution to enable continuous testing and rectification of contaminated water supplies: €10,000


Chimteka Children Support, Malawi: Purchase of furniture for maternity unit - €10,000


Medical Missionaries of Mary, Kenya: Funding for countering human trafficking - €9,760


SMA, Zambia: Essential security works to enable opening of newly constructed maternity hospital - €7,140


Varanasi Children’s Hospital, India: Continuation of community feeding scheme for malnourished children - €10,000


Chimteka Children Support, Malawi: Shortfall of funds to complete Maternity Unit in Chimteka - €5,000


Le Korsa, Senegal: Funding for the delivery of medical supplies to Fann Hospital in Dakar, Senegal - €14,200


Mercy Refugee Network, Cork: Funding to subsidise travel costs for asylum seekers attending classes in Cork City from December 2016 to June 2017 – €1,400


ASHDI, Bong County, Liberia: Funding of hand pumps for water - €4,650


Infant Jesus Sisters, Cameroon: Funding of equipment in new extension to Health Centre in Ekounou, Yaounde, Cameroon - €6,000


Mongu Project, Zambia: Funding of school equipment and furnishings: €6,000


SERVE in Solidarity Ireland: Association of People with Disability project, Bangalore, India. Funding for renovation work in school classrooms - €5,000




Total for 2016 - €89,150





Nepal Leprosy Trust: Support to construct a community meeting hall to facilitate meetings of the Self-Help Group in Khoksikhola village in Nepal: €2,680 



Aidlink: Construction of girl-friendly latrine, Uganda - €8,704


The Moldova Project: Materials to enable members of the local community to repair badly damaged houses to give children living in extreme poverty in the Republic of Moldova a better quality of life - €12,000


Vita: For repair of eight hand pumps in the Debub Region of Eritrea, to establish community plans for maintenance of the pumps and training of community pump caretakers - €8,980



Medical Missionaries of Mary: Rehabilitatation of 24 victims of human trafficking and support resources - €16,000


Zimbabwe Rural Development Trust (Fr. Tim Peacock): Accomodation for 4 teachers in rural school - €15,000


Catholic Missionary Diocese of Mongu, Zambia: Staff toilet and cesspit as part of school building project - €10,000



Aidlink, Uganda: Support to construct a 30,000lt rain water harvesting tank and hygiene and sanitation training in Karamoja, Uganda - €7,793


Mercy Refugee Network, Cork: To assist asylum seekers in Direct Provision and refugees in Cork City and surrounding areas by providing travel expenses to attend classes in English - €1,800


Catholic Parish of Houli, Taiwan: To assist in the payment of fees and books, etc. for two members of Aborigine families in Houli, Taiwan - €400


The Society of African Missions (on behalf of the Vicariate of Kontagora, Niger State, Nigeria): Provision of four prosthetic legs - €5,000


Helping Babies Breathe, Sudan: Providing rural midwives with resuscitation equipment for infants - €10,000.


                                         - €84,857







Medical Missionaries of Mary, Nairobi, Kenya: Provision of a hut for a slum dwelling family - €4,000


Montfortan Fathers, Haiti:  Construction of two classrooms - $20,000 USD (approx. €16,000)


Daughters of Charity, Bulbula, Ethiopia: Bore Well and Irrigation System  - €16,957


RSCF (Rwamagana School Children’s Fund, now called Rise Rwanda): Microfinance for women - €3,000


Lwannunda Community Development Initiatives (LCDI), Masaka, Uganda:  School expenses and Medical expenses - €5,000


Vita Ethiopia (Amhara): Improvement of agriculture via potato production - €5,000


Dr. Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong, India:  Improvement works to kindergarten - €10,000


ASHDI, Bong County, Liberia: To purchase tools, piglets, chicks, support for transportation & trainers - €9,000


Infant Jesus Sisters, Cameroon: Delivery Tables for Maternity Unit - €6,000


Catholic Missionary Diocese of Mongu, Zambia: Construction of Classroom Block €10,000


Brighter Communities Worldwide: Community development - €10,000


Cork Sick Poor Society: Aid to needy families - €4000


 - €98,957






Mercy Refugee Network: Transport costs (for education) for Asylum Seekers students travelling from their accommodation in Glanmire to the Cork. - €437


Aidlink: Return to education costs for 30 out-of-school adults and young people in Turkana, Kenya - €8,650


Vita: Provision of cooking stoves for 500 rural families n the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region, Ethiopia - €6,000


Development Pamoja Ltd:  Funding for the purchase of physiotherapy equipment for use in the Medical Centre in Sarambei, Kenya - €5,000


Rise Rwanda: towards the provision of microfinance for women in rural Rwanda (Project phase 2) - €4,000


Community to Community Partners in Learning CLG (PiL): to establish a storage unit for Tororo Groundnuts Growers Co-operative on 6 acres in Tororo Town, Uganda – €7,900


MECPATHS: anti-trafficking project for educating hotel staff on potential exploitation of children - €1,480


Gorey Malawi Health Partnership: To improve the management of Non Communicable Diseases  (NCDs) in rural Malawai and support non physician health workers - €7,000


 Infant Jesus Sisters, Drishane (Maternity Unit in Cameroon):  Provision of incubators and Phototherapy Unit in Maternity Unit - €10,000


Dr. Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong, India: Contribution to building costs for essential upgrading works to school for poor children and orphans - €10,000


St. John Baptist School, Masaka District, Uganda: Beds for girls’ dormitory – €4,290


Diocese of Mongu, Western Zambia:  Completion of a Primary School for 250 children in the village of Seembwa and a salary for a newly qualified Teacher - €15,000


MMM,  Kenya: Rescue and rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse (23 girls and women) - €12,420



- €92,177





Sisters of the Infant Jesus: Classroom equipment in Yaounde, Cameroon - €10,000


Medical Missionaries of Mary Mukuru Health Centre: Malnutrition project in Mukuru Kwa Njenga slum, Nairobi, Kenya - €7,709


Vita: Community Hygiene Project for disease prevention, Zoba Debub, Eritrea - €5,000


Mothers First: Nutrition for malnourished pregnant mothers, Varanasi, northern India - €6,528 


Aidlink: Installation of water tanks in three public primary schools in Turkana County, Kenya - €8,678


Brighter Communities Worldwide: Menstrual health education programme for girls and women, including prevention of exploitation by traffickers in Kericho County, Kenya under Covid-19 restrictions - €13,500


Catholic Diocese of Mongu, Zambia: Funding for the salary of 2 teachers for a year in a newly established Primary School in the remote village of Seembwa - €5,000


Medical Missionaries of Mary: Rescue, rehabilitation and support for victims of human trafficking in Nairobi, Kenya - €16,868


Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, Ethiopia: Blended Learning Project to improve educational opportunities for marginalized students in Addis Ababa - €9,850




- €83,133


Overall Total 1997 to 31 Dec 2020 - €1,760,695


Total Projects 227