Child Protection and Welfare Practice Handbook - Publications Handbook

The Handbook, which is based on the protocols as set out in Children First Guidance 2011 and the collective wisdom and best practice of experts and front line staff, will support the vital work of social workers and other relevant practitioners in dealing with child protection and welfare cases.
The introduction and use of the Child Protection and Welfare Practice Handbook will standardise the nationwide implementation of Children First. Children First National Guidance 2011 promotes the protection of children from abuse and neglect.  The Guidance states what organisations need to do to keep children safe, and what different bodies, and the general public should do if they are concerned about a child’s safety and welfare. It sets out specific protocols for HSE social workers, Gardaí and other front line staff in dealing with suspected abuse and neglect. The scope of the guidance extends beyond the reporting to statutory bodies.  It emphasizes the importance of multi-disciplinary, inter-agency working in the management of concerns about children’s safety and welfare.  Key to this is the sharing of information between agencies and disciplines in the best interests of children and the need for full co-operation to ensure better outcomes.

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