Reports into the Deaths of Two Young People in Care



At the publication of the two attached reports into the Deaths of Two Young People in Care (Apr 23 2010) the HSE expressed its deep regret that these young people did not receive the quality of care that we aim to provide for all young people in care. It acknowledged that opportunities were missed in the care of both of these young people.


The HSE confirmed that future reviews of serious incidents and deaths of children in care will be carried out in accordance with the guidance published by HIQA that will ensure that there is a standardised and systematic way of completing such reviews.


The unexpected death of a child, under any circumstances, is a tragedy. The death of a child in care in particular is a very serious matter and requires careful and detailed consideration to ensure that the lessons of these tragic events can be learned and improvements implemented. The HSE extends its deepest sympathies to the families and friends of the two teenagers whose deaths, while in care, are the subject of the reports published today.


Following legal advice and consultation with the next of kin, the HSE is publishing reports and not complete Case Reviews. The HSE is constrained in the level of information that it can make public in relation to these young people. The reason for this constraint is that the original Case Reviews were not intended for publication rather they were carried out to establish the facts. The recommendations contained in both Case Reviews, and included in the reports, have been acted upon.