Implementation of Action Plan for People Management 2nd Annual Progress Report

The Action Plan for People Management (APPM) was launched in November 2002 as the outcome of an extensive consultative process with all stakeholders in the health and social care system. It identifies seven key areas of people management which need to be developed:

  • Managing people effectively
  • Improving the quality of working life
  • Devise and implement best practice employment policies and procedures
  • Develop partnership further
  • Invest in training development and education
  • Improve employee and industrial relations in the health sector
  • Develop performance management

The first annual report of the implementation of the APPM was published in February 2004 following a request from the Department of Health & Children for an update in relation to progress made under the seven themes identified in the Action Plan during 2003, its first year of implementation. This second annual report details information provided in respect of activities during 2004. This report is compiled based on information submitted by the Health Boards, Eastern Region Health Authority and health service agencies and national agencies such as the Office for Health Management (OHM), Health Service Employers Agency (HSEA), the Health Service National Partnership Forum (HSNPF) and the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies.

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