Review of operational controls and an assessment of cost containment measures for HSE West Mott McDonald report

August 2010

HSE West is facing considerable financial challenges and is looking at all options to reduce costs and protect services; including the provision of at least the same level of health services as 2009.  We are entering into one of the most financially challenging times that we have ever seen within Irish health services.   Based on current estimates the overspend for the HSE West Area is like to be 90 million euro if we do not take action.  Like every other public service we have to live within the budget that we have been allocated in 2010; we do not have the authority to spend money that is not allocated. 

As part of the analysis and planning for cost reductions, the HSE West received independent advice from Mott McDonald who reviewed plans to rein in costs.  The Mott McDonald report is a tool that can assist management in achieving the cost savings that are required to ensure that the HSE West does not spend money it does not have.  This report is a guidance document and will form part of the analysis and planning required to reach a break even position at year end.

Some cost saving measures have been put in place by local management teams and that has resulted in a reduction in the overspend forecast from 103 million euro (April figures) to approximately 90 million euro (July figures). 

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