Preparing for the unexpected, householders guide to major emergencies

A guide for the public on how to be better prepared in the event of a major emergency, produced by Cork and Kerry Joint Emergency Planning groups.

The guide outlines some practical and simple arrangements that can be made in the home and local community in order to be better prepared should a major emergency occur.  A major emergency is a phrase used to describe a range of incidents from a major road traffic accident, rail crash or fire to a flood, severe storm or explosion.

Practical advice for householders outlined in the information guide includes knowing how to disconnect power / water supplies in your home, contact the emergency services, perform basic first aid, store important documents safely, make contact with family members outside the home and prepare an emergency kit with items like batteries, torch, radio, first aid kit, medications, etc.   The booklet also offers advice on how to react to the different types of major emergencies that might occur, the emotional implications of these events and basic first aid tips that could be performed.

On receipt of the information guide, householders should make themselves aware of the contents and keep it in a safe place for reference