National Lottery Documentation

Agencies funded under the National Lottery are required to sign a standard Grant Aid Agreement where funding is below the annual threshold of €250,000 nationally.

It is in order where the organisation has an existing Grant Aid Agreement or Service Arrangement in place for the variation or contract change process to be used so as to include the National Lottery funding in the existing documentation.



Grant Aid Agreement (Revised Nov 2016)

(For Information Purposes Only)

This document is the legal contract for agencies in receipt of National Lottery funding below the €250,000 threshold nationally.

Letter of Undertaking - National Lottery Capital Funding This document is a letter of Undertaking for agencies in receipt of National Lottery funding which is used for Capital purposes.

Chairpersons Statement (SAMPLE)

Under the Grant Aid Agreement organisations are required to return a Chairperson's Statement to the HSE.  Where organisations do not have an internal format for this, they should use this standard proforma document.  Organisations should ensure the elements covered in this proforma are covered in any internal reports submitted.


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