Report on the Consultation Process

The HSE today published the report on the Midlands Consultation process which has been ongoing since May 24th 2012.

The report presents the list of key contributors to the consultation process. The contributors engaged with the process by attending a formal meeting or via email/post by written submission. Broadly the main categories who submitted communications regarding the consultation process were;

  • Residents and Next of Kin
  • Interested Parties such as Action Groups (and submissions received to a dedicated e-mail).
  • Public Representatives
  • Union and Staff Representatives

In the interest of ensuring Data Protection Act Compliance individual submissions have not been published.

Report on Consultation Process.pdf (size 9.6 MB)

Joseph Ruane, Area Manager, HSE Midlands said, "The engagement with all interested parties has been very positive. We would like to thank all those who took the time to participate in the public consultation. The representations from the public consultation will form part of the documentation for consideration by the designated officer from the 16th of August."



HSE Midlands Older Person Services Consultation & Information Document

This paper will provide a background to the detailed discussion on the consultation process relating to the potential closure of two community nursing units, Abbeyleix Community Nursing Unit ("Abbeyleix") and St. Brigids Hospital, Shaen ("Shaen").

The outcome of the consultation process will enable an informed decision to be made about whether the units should or should not close.

Older Person Services Consultation and Information Document.pdf (size 646.8 KB)