National Guidelines for Wound Management

The development of HSE national guidelines for wound management are designed to support the standardisation of care and encourage best clinical practice. These guidelines constitute a general guide to be followed, subject to the medical practioners judgement in each individual case.

These guidelines are based upon up to date scientific evidence and expert opinion and will serve to support consistency of treatment and contribute to improved patient outcomes. It is estimated that 1.5% of the population are affected by a wound at any one point in time.

Wounds have a major personal, social, and economic impact. Wounds not only impact on the individual and their quality of life, they also have a significant impact on our health service and our society as a whole. Studies in the UK indicate that up to 4% of total health care expenditure is spent on the provision of wound management while in Ireland it is estimated that two thirds of community nursing time is spent on the provision of wound management.

As part of the HSE efforts to improve healthcare, it is hoped that these national guidelines will assist all clinicians in the decision making process and help to standardise the management of wounds at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The availability of national guidelines will also provide guidance to policy makers.

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