Festival Care - Guidelines on the Management of Alcohol and its Related Harms at Festivals and Events

Festivals are important events in the national calendar. They are key occasions at which to celebrate culture and the arts, heritage, sporting success, community cohesion, and local talent. They are key economic and tourism focus points in each locality and are therefore something that needs to be sustained as a positive part of Irish Life.

In recent times more and more people are deciding to spend their holiday and leisure time at home and this will certainly mean that attendances at town and village festivals should be on the increase.

Festivals are an enjoyable and positive experience for the majority of festival-goers. However, the misuse of alcohol and other substances has become a recurring issue at festivals with some people putting themselves and others at risk of harm.

The "Festival Care" package aims to assist festival organisers or promoters to address the possible negative consequences that can arise from alcohol misuse by offering guidance on the management of alcohol and its related harms at events and providing a communication plan for events that focuses on issues such as personal safety and information to parents.

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