Insight 07: Health and Social Services in Ireland – a survey of consumer satisfaction

Insight 07 Cover

This independent study of consumer satisfaction with the health and social care services was commissioned by the Health Service Executive (HSE) and carried out by the School of Public Health and Population Science in University College Dublin in partnership with Lansdowne Market Research.

This is the first time a study of this scale has been undertaken among a nationally representative sample of people who have used the HSE's hospitals and community services.

It involved detailed face-to-face interviews with 3,517 people across the country who were asked about their experience of the public health and social care services. Consulting with patients and clients and asking them about their experience is important if we are to achieve our ambition which is to create a health and social care service that is easy to access, in which the public has confidence and which staff are proud to provide.

The information gathered during this study will enable us to establish and improve how we communicate with our patients; determine whether all patients are treated with dignity and respect; whether their preferences are respected as well as a range of other important factors which can influence the quality of their overall experience.


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