Pension Management

The Pension Management or Superannuation Section provides a service to all employees of the HSE.


The main functions of this section is as follows:

  1. Registration of New Employees (Starters)
  2. Verification of ServiceCosting of Service
  3. Billing of Service Class A and D, Officers and Non-Officers
  4. Purchase of Notional Service
  5. Set up of AVC’s
  6. Calculation of Pension Rate of Pay
  7. Provision of Estimates of Benefits
  8. Payment of Injury at Work Allowance (A109)
  9. Resignations (Leavers) & Refunds
  10. Preserved Benefits
  11. Early Retirement Options
  12. Payment of Death Gratuities
  13. Payment of Lump Sum and Pension
  14. Payment of Spouse and Children’s Pensions
  15. Returns to the Department of Health, Environment and Finance
  16. Pre-Retirement and Mid-Career Training provision


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This site contains copies of Acts, Circulars and Circular letters relating to the Local Government Superannuation Code which were issued by the Department of Environment and Department of Health and Children.

All documents are stored in year order as a reference guide for staff working within the Pensions Management Section or any other staff who have an interest in the background of Local Government Pension Legislation