Intern Induction and Training

There are currently 733 intern training posts in 52 hospitals and primary care settings. 

Intern training is for a minimum of 12 months which encompasses a minimum of three months in General Surgery, plus three months in General Medicine.

Thereafter, there are a further two 3 month rotations with opportunities to train in Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Anaesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Pathology, Psychiatry, Public Health Medicine, Radiology, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Occupational Medicine, Medicine and General Practice.

The Intern Year

The Intern Year is the first year of post graduate medical training and is an essential step in every doctor’s career in Ireland. 

For 2019 Intern intake, contracts of employment will issue commencing from Monday 8th July, this being the earliest date Interns are eligible to commence practice as a doctor.   Separate from this and immediately prior to start of contract, each Intern will be required to undertake a period of Induction.

For the 2019 intake, funding has now been made available to employers to pay interns for attendance at Induction subject to a max of 39 hours per intern. This additional payment to be included as part of the Interns' first salary payment.

For further information please find attached memo from National Director of HR here.

During your first year you will be provided with the opportunity to experience the reality of patient care in a range of healthcare settings. 

Intern training provides a combination of education, training and clinical responsibility, enabling interns to develop the professional and personal competencies that result in good patient care and provide a foundation for lifelong learning.

The Intern year is designed to be a challenging and rewarding year, providing graduates with a supervised and supportive learning environment that will provide them with the basis for future practice as a doctor in their chosen field.

Each Intern must be registered with the Medical Council of Ireland and following the successful completion of their Intern year the doctor will be awarded a “Certificate of Experience”. Once you have this certificate you are eligible to apply for registration on the trainee specialist division or the general division of the Medical Council and therefore proceed with your medical career in Ireland.

The “Certificate of Experience” is required to register with most other competent authorities in other countries.  It would also be important to check with each country with regard to their registration procedures.

Further information on the intern year and career planning is available at