Pre-existing schemes

In general, all employees in pensionable positions, recruited prior to 1 January 2013, are members of the HSE Employee Superannuation Scheme.

Staff members that transferred from specified bodies (e.g. former Health Boards) to the HSE on 1 January 2005 are also members of the HSE Employee Superannuation Scheme; however, they are entitled to the pension terms that applied to them as at 31 December 2004 (i.e. the Local Government Superannuation Scheme (the “LGSS”)).

The HSE Pension Scheme provides a wide range of benefits to pensionable employees, including:

  • lump sum on retirement
  • pension on retirement
  • death-in-service gratuity
  • spouse's and children’s pension, and
  • ill-health retirement benefits.

See an information booklet providing a general outline of the pre-existing schemes.