Leading Care I

A date for the next cohort of Leading Care I has not yet been fixed.

The Leading Care I programme has been specifically designed to develop senior leaders. Designed with national and international experts in health and organisational performance, the programme offers support and learning to build personal resilience, confidence and capabilities over 12 months.

The programme is for those in senior leadership/management roles within the health service who are looking to progress their careers. The programme is aimed at those who:

  • Are experienced senior leaders/managers who may already be on the senior leadership/management team of their organisation
  • Are experienced leaders/managers who are aspiring to be on the senior leadership/management team of their organisation, and are likely to be ready to apply for such a leadership role in the next two years
  • Are excited by the opportunity to apply new skills, learning and behaviours directly to real-time work related improvements
  • Are able and keen to work on a challenging development programme with peer assessment
  • Are willing to commit to at least 10 hours learning a week over the course of a 12 month period
  • Are willing to commit to full attendance at all face to face aspects of the programme

 The fourth cohort on this 12 month programme has now finished.

Here is what some of the graduates have said about the programme:

“I have been able to progress service development initiatives to benefit service users and nurture talents of staff members. I am applying for an improving service user experience project healthcare excellence award for the first time. The team I work in is implementing person centred planning and facilitating service user empowerment and positive risk taking.  I really enjoyed having the space of the learning sets to discuss issues which come up in clinical practice and incorporate my colleagues' feedback. I will miss this aspect most now that leading care 1 has come to an end. Despite how challenging it was in terms of the reflexivity needed, and the workload involved, it was absolutely worth doing and I feel lucky to have been part of the first cohort.”

Dr Evan Yacoub, Consultant Psychiatrist, Brothers of Charity Services Ireland

“I have found the Leading Care I Programme to be particularly rewarding, yet challenging on a personal development and self-awareness level, to an extent that I have not experienced before. The links between your leadership journey and the focus on improving patient/client care, throughout the programme, ensures an alignment of personal goals and organisation values.  Working with a multidisciplinary group of senior health professionals, gives a wider perspective on the different responsibilities and objectives, across regions and care groups.  Learning from the direct experience of others, gives a whole new insight into what can be done to improve systems and care models.”

Declan Hynes, Head of HR, Community Healthcare East

“I will look back on this past year as being a milestone, in terms of significant learning, development, fond memories and the establishment of a strong network of colleagues and friends. The extent of learning from the Virtual Campus, Residentials, Elements, feedback process, reflexivity and networking is at a level that I believe would not be attainable in any other twelve month Leadership Programme. It has certainly far exceeded the expectations that I set out at the application process.”

Dr Mary O'Rourke, General Manager, National Contracts Office, Primary Care Strategy and Planning


Please click on the links below for more information about the programme and the application process.  

If you have questions please review the Frequently Asked Questions in the first instance.  If you still require assistance please email us at leadershipacademy@hse.ie.