HSCP Advisory Group

(Please note further documents regarding the HSCP Advisory Group can be downloaded at the end of this page)

A Health and Social Care Professionals (HSCP) Education and Development Advisory Group has been established in the HSE.  This development is taking place in the overall context of recent legislative and policy developments which have seen the role of the HSE in the education and development of health professionals clarified and strengthened.  Most recently the approval by the Board and Senior Management Team of the Education, Training and Research Principles and Recommendations report brings further focus on this area.

The HSCP Education & Development Advisory Group was formed following broad consultation and engagement with professional bodies representing the wide and diverse range of professions and disciplines encompassed within the category Health and Social Care Professions.  Nominations to the Advisory Group were made by professional bodies from which nine were selected based on agreed criteria which were designed to ensure the greatest diversity and mix.  The Advisory Group will meet regularly and will also engage with a larger consultative group comprising representation from the full range of health and social care professions.  Membership of the group is as follows:

Name Profession
Anne-Marie Keown Physiotherapy
Ineke Durville Social Work
Marie Culliton Medical Laboratory Science
Martin Cromb Audiology
Nora Joyce Phlebotomy
Michelle Leech Radiation Therapy
Maria McNeill Clinical Measurement Science
Michael Byrne Psychology
Edel Dunphy Speech & Language Therapy

The overall purpose of the Advisory Group is to:

  • Act as a focal point and clearing house for issues related to H&SCP and form specific groups to deal with issues as needed.
  • Provide an opportunity for both professionals to have a ‘voice’ and HSE to take advice.
  • Provide an opportunity for shared learning and networking.
  • Influence the direction of Education Training and Research (ETR) in the organisation.
  • Identify synergies and commonalities as well as differences.
  • Model and reinforce interdisciplinary working and learning

Further information in relation to this development may be found on www.hseland.ie or by contacting Health and Social Care Professions Education and Development at HSCP.education@hse.ie

Further documents about HSCP Advisory Group can be downloaded here

Establishment of HSCP Advisory Group

Purpose and Terms of Reference of HSCP Advisory Group