College to Work Documents

The college to work project aims to provide support to newly qualified therapists in the transition from the role of student to the role of qualified therapist. This resource pack provides self directed learning materials that compliment the ‘College to Work’ workshop that you may have participated in before joining the Health Services. The learning material is also designed to enhance your learning and support during this transition from ‘College to Work’ when you do start working.

For some of you, gaining employment within the Health Services may have posed difficulties or may not have been as straight forward as it might have been in the past due to national economic factors. However, the 'College to Work' project is an innovation driven by a commitment to quality and an acknowledgement that learning supports can be useful to both prepare you for the transition and to help you when you start to work. The experience of working in the Health Services will bring many opportunities for personal and professional growth which will enhance your confidence and competence.

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From College to Work in the Health Services

Final Report on Pilot Process 'College to Work'