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New National Health & Social Care Professions Office established in HSE 1st February 2017

The National Director of Human Resources, Rosarii Mannion, announced the establishment of the National Health & Social Care Professions Office on 1st February, 2017 as part of the National HR Division. The primary focus of the Office will be to strategically lead and support the Health and Social Care Professions (HSCP) to maximise their potential and achieve the greatest impact for the design, planning, management and delivery of people-centred, integrated care, for the benefit of the people they serve.


The new Office will continue to provide organisational leadership to the HSE on all matters relating to the education and development of Health and Social Care Professionals. This service was previously provided by the HSCP Education and Development Unit which was in place from 2006 until 2016 under the direction of Jackie Reed, who is National Lead for this new National HSCP Office.


The main functions of the new  National Health & Social Care Professions Office  will be to enable HSCP leadership to  influence and deliver high quality, safe services at corporate and local levels of the Health Services and to coordinate HSCP input to the design, planning, implementation and management of services, in particular the development of integrated programmes and other service improvement programmes.


The Office will be a focal point for Health and Social Care Professionals within the public health system and will facilitate critical professional linkage between the HSE, the Department of Health, the HSCP Professional Bodies, HSE Services, HSCP Managers, CORU the HSCP Regulator, the Higher Education Institutes and other stakeholders.


It will also provide professional advice and observations on policy proposals across a range of Department of Health functions together with facilitating coordinated engagement with the Health and Social Care Professionals it serves.


The Office will develop and implement integrated strategic plans for the development of these professionals and the services they provide and input into the development of relevant national strategies and plans.

Its role will include the development of a strengthened culture of work based research and improved dissemination and translation of research findings into practice. It will also build on and enhance existing relationships with the Higher Education Institutes and research bodies such as the Health Research Board.


The new HR function will also model and support inter-professional learning and collaborative practice for integrated care and ensure that mechanisms are in place for on-going engagement with all stakeholders.


Further information about the work of the National HSCP Office and support and resources is available on the HSCP Hub on or by emailing  The Health and Social Care Professions - Education and Development Strategy 2016-2019 report is available at this link

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