BrightSpark Award Winning Projects 2018

Annually, all initiatives and projects within the SPARK umbrella are invited to compete for a Bright Spark award. Winning projects are celebrated and published. The individuals and organisations involved receive national recognition for their efforts.  The next set of BrightSpark Awards will be held in February 2020 as part of the Spark Summit.

Brightspark Award Winning Projects 2018

Personalised Medication Passport for children with chronic illness

This project involved the development of a passport-style document, completed by the medical team and updated by the patient/parent, to reduce confusion arising amongst healthcare practitioners and service users regarding current medications, thus reducing the potential for medication error.

 Dr Siobhán Neville, Pediatrics SpR


Online interactive map for mental health catchment areas

This project aims to improve efficiency and ease of referral for onward care by developing a centralised online map to identify which catchment area a patient should be referred to for onward mental health care in the community. This online map would account for all areas nationally, and allow the user to easily identify which catchment area the patient is from.

Dr. Margaret Gallagher, Psychiatry Registrar


Improving Chest Drain Insertion Confidence among NCHDs

This project aimed to improve NCHD confidence in performing chest drain insertion through a brief intervention training session. Training sessions involved short demonstration tutorials followed by practical exposure and supported training. 

Dr Ronan Kelly Surgical SpR

Bright awards 2018