Approval to hire

Updated Approval to Hire Forms in respect of New Posts, Replacement Posts and Senior Level Posts and updated guidelines

HSE HR Circular 01/2006 – 2006 Employment Control Framework, issued on the 13th February 2006, set out standard Request to Hire Forms for the approval of all recruitment in the health services.  The initial two forms were supplemented with an additional form set out in HSE HR Circular 06/2007 – Filling of Senior Level Posts, issued on the 20th April 2007. These forms and the associated guidelines have now been amended to reflect the changing structures and control, management and monitoring processes of the health services.   

Please find updated Approval to Hire Forms in respect of new posts, replacement posts and senior level posts and updated guidelines for their completion effective from March 2015. 

Any queries should be directed to local/area HR department or thereafter to the National Workforce Planning, Analysis & Informatics Unit in Naas. Tel 045 880400 / Email:


Guidelines re Completion of Approval to Hire Forms (March 2015)

Revised Procedures re Recruitment/Filling of Senior Level Posts - Management/Administration.(April 2016)

Approval to Hire Form A - (March 2015)

Approval to Hire Form A (1) - Senior Level Posts (March 2016)

Approval to Hire Form B - (March 2015)

HSE Business Case Form - (March 2015)