Good Faith Reporting

When employees have a genuine concern about possible improprieties in the conduct of the HSE's business, whether in matters of financial reporting or other malpractices, they can now report such improprieties via the Good Faith Reporting helpline 01-6626984

The HSE has drafted the 'Good Faith Reporting Policy', which is designed to

  • support HSE values
  • ensure employees can raise concerns without fear of suffering retribution
  • provide a transparent and confidential process for dealing with concerns

The policy outlines the principles and reporting procedure. It also lists different types of possible improprieties.

The full Good Faith Reporting Policy document is available for downloading by clicking on the following link:Good Faith Reporting.pdf (size 76.6 KB)

 It should be noted that this 'Good Faith Reporting Policy' is additional to the 'Protected Disclosure of Information' 

Please click here to read more about ‘Protected Disclosure of Information’