Employee Wellbeing and Welfare Strategy- May 2009

Staff are our most important asset and as professionals working in a demanding and challenging environment, coupled with the additional challenges in this tough economic climate, it is important that we have structures and processes in place to support us all in our work endeavours. The Integrated Employee Wellbeing and Welfare Strategy 2009-2014 outlines the need to provide better support for Line Managers and employees, increased awareness of Occupational Health, Employee Assistance, Health and Safety and Health Promotion. The plan is aligned to the HSE Corporate Plan and HR Strategy. It provides a framework for understanding and addressing Employee Wellbeing and Welfare priorities so that the HSE is a better place to avail of a service and a better place to work.

What strategic objectives does the Strategy set?

  • Prevention - To manage safety, health and welfare in the workplace thereby reducing the risk of employees suffering an illness as a result of their work activities
  • Promotion - To identify and prioritise initiatives to promote the wellbeing of HSE staff and thereby to improve organisational functioning
  • Rehabilitation - To successfully reintegrate the individual in so far as possible, back into the workplace
  • Staff Development - To develop a range of initiatives so that all staff are encouraged to reach their potential within the HSE
  • Information Systems
  • Communications