ICT Request for Survey / Form Development

Request for Survey / Form


Standard Survey development timeline 

  • You provide us with all relevant information as outlined in Questionnaire (This questionaire is built in Feedback Server, so it will give you an idea how it works)
  • Development time - 2 weeks - It usually takes 2 weeks to create the survey. A start date will be given after we have received and reviewed all relevant information.
  • Testing - 2 weeks - Testing will be carried out over the following week or two depending on who will be required to test this survey
  • Review and Update - On completion of testing all suggested changes and feedback should be agreed by all involved and sent to eServices in a single document.  You will be provided with a contact email address at the outset.
  • 1-2 week(s) - survey will be updated with changes, if the changes are extensive then it may take an extra week
  • 1 week - Final test phase
  • Form is available for distribution.

Note: If there are any major changes required to the survey once it has gone live, at least 2 weeks notice must be given to complete these changes. 


Process for Survey Development

The standard timeline as outlined above is a general timeline, but this can be shorter or longer depending on the following:

  • eServices Work Load at the time of request
  • Detail / length / arrangement and format of questions in Survey.
  • Testing phase - this will depend on your testing requirements, if it will be a local group of people or if the Survey will need to be circulated amongst a larger group of staff, which may prove more time consuming.


Nominated Administrator

If the survey requires ongoing development or regular changes after the initial publish date then there will be a need to nominate an administrator- (2 if possible to cover annual leave) to access Feedback Server to do some of the following:

  • Make small changes to existing questions/headings
  • Change the drop down list of courses in each quarter or however often this list will require an update
  • To gain access to the reporting features and create / run / export reports as is required.