Cycle of Stress Management

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Identification is the first stage of the Cycle of Stress Management. Click on the button to find further information on:

  • Identifying stressors
  • The signs and symptoms of stress
  • What to do if you are feeling stressed
  • Help to clarify the role all employees have in relation to managing stress

The 2nd stage of the Cycle is PREVENTION. Here you will see:

  • Prevention techniques and tools
  • Information on healthy workplace initiatives
  • Promoting wellbeing in the work place
  • Tips from the little things campaign

The 3rd stage, SUPPORT AND ASSISTANCE. Click and see:

  • How and where to get assistance and support
  • The Role of Occupational Health
  • The support services available through Employee Assistance, Performance & Development and Occupational Health

The 4th and final stage of the Cycle, MONITOR AND REVIEW. Here you will find information on:

  • The benefits of closing the loop on stress management
  • Communication
  • The resource pack.