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Assess the Risks

As a manager, have you assessed the risk to the chemicals you are working with?

Once you have identified your chemical hazards and considered the exposure to them, you need to assess the risk. Review the existing control measures in place, the incidents that have occurred and audit findings and use this information to assess the level of risk.

Assessing the level of risk (risk rating) involves two elements:

1. The likelihood that a specified hazardous event may occur or reoccur, and

2. The potential impact of harm or loss to staff, service users, services, environment or the organisation as a result of the undesired event occurring.

Refer to the HSE Risk Assessment Tool to determine the risk rating.  

To assist you, we have developed sample risk assessments:

Bleach Chemical Agents Risk Assessment

Formalin 10% Chemical Agents Risk Assessment

For more guidance please refer to Guidance on Completion Chemical Agents Risk Assessment Form

See "Identify and Implement Control Measures" for advice on the next stage of the process.