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Evaluate and Monitor

After completion of the risk assessment process, what next?

Once control measures have been introduced they must be evaluated regularly to assess their effectiveness.  Evaluating controls may require reviewing the results of recent occupational hygiene monitoring and health surveillance to inform the evaluation process and to assist in identifying the effectiveness of controls implemented.

Legislation requires that risk assessments be reviewed where:

(a) There has been significant change in the matters to which they relate e.g. new process/equipment introduction or new chemical introduction.

(b) There is another reason to believe the risk assessments are no longer valid.

It is best practice and HSE policy to review risk assessments at least annually.  

Risk Escalation: Managers must ensure that where risks cannot be controlled locally they are escalated onto the appropriate service Risk Register while managing the risk so far as is reasonably practicable. Risks on the risk register must be subject to on-going monitoring and feedback by the relevant management team to ensure actions identified as required are completed.  The escalation process should be in line with the HSE Integrated Risk Management Policy.

See "Consultation" section for more information on this stage of the process.