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Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Campaign

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This is a topic commonly referred to the national health & safety helpdesk where staff have queries on entitlements, risk assessments and on workstation ergonomics. As a follow-up to the release of the Safety Alert 008:00, "Use of Display Screen Equipment" and to address these and other queries, the NHSF developed a targeted campaign titled “Get Up and Move”.  This campaign seeks to reduce the potential harm to DSE workers by raising awareness of the sources of risk.  

The NHSF have developed a suite of supporting documentation and resources (see below) to enable managers and employees to be better informed of and ensure the safe use of DSE.  In addition an online training module specifically for DSE Assessors is now available on HSElanD.  The aim of this training module is to equip Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessors with the knowledge and skills to carry out a basic DSE risk assessment.

To be considered competent as a DSE Assessors (HSE manager/employee) must complete all the following HSElanD modules;

 •        Managing Health and Safety In The Healthcare Setting (Grade V and above)

•         Display Screen Equipment – User/Awareness Module

•         Display Screen Equipment - Assessor Module

It is also recommended that managers (assessors) attend a risk assessment workshop to help reinforce competency around the risk assessment process.

The use of the information resources developed for this campaign will further raise the awareness of potential issues with DSE work and review what must be done to reduce such risks. The DSE campaign slides can be run as a display piece in general staffing areas and/or can be used to refresh manager’s responsibilities regarding display screen equipment.


HSE National Health & Safety Function 

Display Screen Equipment  - Risk Assessment Form

Sample Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment

DSE Risk Assessment Guidance

DSE - Safety AlertDisplay Screen Equipment - FAQ
Office Accommodation - FAQ

Office Environments - Safety Checklist

Ergonomic Tips for a Healthier Workspace - Fast Fact
Ergonomics - Fast Fact

DSE Campaign/Information Slides

Legislation DSE Regulations
Health and Safety Authority

Guide to Safety Health and Welfare at Work general Application Regulations: Chapter 5 Part 2 Display Screen Equipment

Ergonomics in the Workplace

Guidance on the Prevention and Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) in the Workplace

Health and Safety Executive UK Ergonomics and human factors at work