Chemical Agent Hazards

Format: ELearning
Course Code: CAH-SHST-033:01


To provide Managers with appropriate information for implementing a safety management programme and undertaking chemical risk assessment on the safe use and storage of Chemicals.


On successful completion of this course participants should be able to:

  • identify chemical agent hazards that exist in the healthcare environment
  • identify ways in which healthcare employees are exposed to chemical agents in the workplace
  • outline the steps involved in a chemical risk assessment
  • describe measures used to safeguard healthcare employees from the effects of hazardous chemicals


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Topic 1:Introduction to Chemical Agent Hazards

Topic 2: Chemical risk Assessment

Topic 3: Implementing control measures

The programme takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Record system

Assessment and Certification
Online assessment to be completed

Online certificate of completion will be issued

Mandatory for all line, service and department managers with responsibility for managing of chemical safety

Health and Safety Authority

Additional training may be required due to the complexity of the hazards, risk process and controls (including local emergency/ spillage procedures) in your workplace. These additional needs should be identified by each line manager in consultation with their staff through the Training Needs Assessment process