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Risk Assessment Workshop

Training Aim

The aim of this module is to equip Managers with the knowledge and skills to assess occupational safety and health risks (OSH). 


This course can be booked by your line manager via the Health and Safety Helpdesk at www.hse.ie/safetyandwellbeing. See Helpdesk Flowchart for instructions

Programme Objectives

To provide participants with information and instruction in a workshop setting on how to undertake workplace OSH risk assessments that are compliant with Section 19 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005 and associated legislation.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the 4 Steps of the Risk Assessment Process
  • Identify who is responsible to ensure the Risk Assessment Process is completed
  • Identify why a risk assessment is undertaken
  • Explain risk assessment terminology
  • Identify when a specific risk assessment form is required
  • Complete a General OSH Risk Assessment using HSE form

Trainee Details

Target Group

  • This course is statutory/mandatory for all line, service and department managers (Clerical Admin Grade V and above & Clinical CNM 1/ CMM1 and above) who have responsibility for undertaking workplace occupational safety and health risk assessments
  • Participants will be identified through the local training needs assessment

 Prerequisites to attending Workshop

  • Completion of the HSELanD “Managing Health and Safety in the Healthcare Setting" e-learning programme
  • Be familiar with National Health and Safety Function GD:004:00 Guideline Document – Completion of OSH Risk Assessments


Workshop group size will be 1 trainer to 15 participants and 2 trainers to 16-30 participants.

The minimum number of participants is 15 with the maximum as 16-30 however this will depend on the availability of an appropriate training venue.  

Please note the ratio of trainers: participant may be reviewed taking into account factors such as the local training requirements, the complexity of the service, the availability of suitable and sufficient equipment and the size and layout of the training venue.

 Outline Training Plan

  • Introduction (trainer/participants)
  • Legislation
  • Hazard and Risk Assessment
  • Responsibilities
  • Group Work Activity 1
  • Consultation
  • Step 1: Identify the Hazards
  • Step 2: Identify the Risk Associated with the Hazard
  • Step 3: Assess the Risks
  • Step 4: Identify any Additional Control Measures
    • Administration Section of Form
    • Risk status
    • Sample Form and Steps
  • Escalation of Risk
  • Types of Risk Assessment
  • Complete a General Risk Assessment
    • Communication
    • Additional support
    • Monitor and Review
  • Safety Statement

For details on timings see Risk Assessment Training Specification

Training Duration

Half Day

 Training Approach

This Workshop will be carried out in an active, dynamic manner

Participant involvement will be promoted by discussion and  group work involving the four stages of the risk assessment process

The following learning aids will be used by the trainer:

  • MS PowerPoint Slides
  • HSE risk Assessment template/tools

The trainer will circulate the following hand-outs to each participant during the programme:

  • NHSF OSH General Risk Assessment Workshop presentation slides for participants
  • Blank General Risk Assessment Form
  • Guidance on Completion of General Risk Assessment Form
  • HSE Risk Matrix
  • Activity Sheet for circulation to participants to support activity/group work

 Record System

  •  The Attendance Sheet will record those in attendance at the Workshop and this will be signed by the Trainer(s)
  • The trainer will clearly document ‘DNA’ on the attendance sheet for any participants who do not attend the workshop
  • The trainer must clearly document on the attendance sheet any participants who do not attend the full workshop and do not complete Activity 5 (completion of OSH General Risk Assessment using the HSE form)
  • The Attendance Sheet will be forwarded to the National Health and Safety Function Training Team
  • It is the responsibility of management to ensure that there is an appropriate method in place locally for the recording of all training in accordance with legal requirements


Assessment and Certification System

  • Knowledge will be assessed through group work activities and the completion of an OSH Risk Assessment using the HSE form at the end of the programme
  • Certificates will be issued on successful completion of the Workshop programme
  • Participants who do not attend the full workshop or do not complete Activity 5 (completion of Risk Assessment using the HSE form) will not receive a Certificate

 Trainer/ Instructor Profile

The Workshop will be undertaken by National Health and Safety Function Health and Safety Advisors/ Managers

The trainer must be familiar with:

  • The presentation and associated instructor note pages
  • Hand-outs for circulation to each participant during the programme
  • HSELanD Managing Health and Safety in the Healthcare Setting" e-learning programme
  • NHSF GD:004:00 Guideline Document – Completion of OSH Risk Assessments’
  • HSE Integrated Risk Management Policy 2017

 Training Facilities

To promote and create a positive learning environment the training facilities must meet the requirements set out in the Locally Coordinated Training Request Form.


Reviews will be as follows:

  • NHSF – This specification to be reviewed two-yearly
  • Evaluation sheets to be completed by all participants

Trainer to return completed evaluation forms to Training Team Admin

 Copyright and Acknowledgements

This course is based on material provided by:

  • The Health Service Executive
  • The Health and Safety Authority