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Safety Consultation

Consultation and Information 

Section 26, of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005, requires employers to put in place a safety consultation programme that facilitates participation by all employees in safety and health matters. In line with the HSE’s Corporate Safety Statement and governance arrangements a safety committee is established at local level which includes balanced representation between management and employees, to include Safety Representatives.  The number of members provides for a compact and workable group.   Provision is also made for employees to select / elect a Safety Representative. 

 The Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act, 2005 states that the Safety Representative may:

  • Make representations to their employer on any aspects of safety, health and welfare at the place of work
  • Inspect the place of work after giving reasonable notice to their employer.  The frequency and schedule of inspections must be agreed between the Safety Representative and the employer in advance
  • Inspect the place of work in the event of an accident, dangerous occurrence or a situation of imminent danger or risk to health and safety
  • Investigate accidents and dangerous occurrences provided they do not interfere with or obstruct any person fulfilling their legal duty
  • After giving reasonable notice to their employer, investigate complaints made by employees whom they represent
  • Accompany a Health and Safety Authority (H.S.A.) Inspector on a tour of inspection
  • At the discretion of the H.S.A. Inspector, accompany the Inspector while they are investigating an incident or dangerous occurrence
  • Make oral or written representations to the H.S.A. Inspectors on matters relating to safety health and welfare at the place of work
  • Receive advice and information from the H.S.A. Inspectors on matters relating to safety health and welfare at the place of work
  • Consult and liaise with other Safety Representatives appointed in the organisation
  • Safety Representatives shall be given reasonable time off, without loss of remuneration, to discharge their functions as a Safety Representative and to acquire appropriate knowledge and training
  • Safety Representatives shall be given relevant information to allow them fulfil their function properly, this will include information on risks assessments, information on reportable accidents and dangerous occurrences and information resulting from experience of applying protective and preventative measures required under the relevant statutory provisions
  • Safety Representatives must be notified by management when management becomes aware that a H.S.A. Inspector is visiting the site for the purpose of an inspection

For further information please see Guidance documents below on the Selection/Election of Safety Representatives and Supporting Documentation

Guidance on the Selection/Election of Safety Representatives.pdf (size 863.6 KB)

Supporting Documentation for Safety Rep Election.docx (size 15.5 KB)

Safety Representative Inspection Checklist

Safety Consultation - Guidance for the establishment of local Health & Safety Committees.pdf (size 213.5 KB)

Safety Committee Audit Tool