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Healthy Workplaces for all Ages, European Agency Safety Campaign, 2016-2017


This week marks the start of the European Safety Campaign with it's theme "Healthy Workplaces for all Ages". The workplace is changing with a higher proportion of older people continuing to work for longer.  Aging is a gradual process and there is no single point when someone becomes an "older worker".  The definition of an "older worker" is not important, what does matter is that the different issues associated with aging are taken on board and reviewed - at whatever age they develop.

Healthy and productive workplaces address the challenges of an ageing workforce

It should not be assumed that age will directly relate to a person's ability to do a job.  Many older workers have a greater physical and mental ability than similar people half their age.  There is a belief among Employers that older workers will be less productive, more prone to injury or sickness absence which is not true.  Research indicates that job performance is broadly similar across all age groups. 

The HSE have taken this opportunity to review this theme as part of European Safety Week.  We will focus on providing helpful information to assist our colleagues.  For more information and an introduction to the campaign please click here

The information supplied will enable both managers and employees to better equip themselves to deal effectively with our aging workforce. For more information on this campaign please click on the short video below:

The National Health & Safety Function along with our colleagues in the Workplace Health and Wellbeing Unit have developed a number of information sheets to further assist you with regard to this theme, "Healthy Workplaces for All Ages".  Click on the links below to access the relevant information.