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News and Events: Staff Safety & Wellbeing

New Statutory Training Course, Chemical Safety in the Workplace, available now on HSELanD

The National Health and Safety Function (NHSF) has launched a new Chemical Safety Training module.  This training module titled, Chemical Safety in the Workplace has been developed by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA). For all employees who work with or who are at risk of exposure to chemicals this new training module is statutory/mandatory.

Please note: To access this online training module, go to My Learning on HSELanD and click on ‘Course Catalogues’ and select the: “National Health and Safety Function” icon.

Chemical safety training modules now available include:

  • Managing Health and Safety in Healthcare: Chemical Agents Hazards which must be completed by Line Managers whose employees work with or are at risk of exposure to chemicals in their department/service.
  • Chemical Safety in the Workplace: statutory/mandatory for all employees who work with or who are at risk of exposure to chemicals. This is a 30 minute introductory course.

Additional more tailored chemical safety training may be required due to the complexity of the hazards and risks (including local emergency/ spillage procedures) and based on training needs assessment.

Also see the NHSF’s FAQ on  Statutory Occupational Safety and Health Training (FAQ:014) for further information on Training Needs Assessment.

NHSF Launches New Manual Handling/People Handling Theory Training via HSElanD:

The National Health & Safety Function (NHSF) is acutely aware of the need and requirements for timely Manual Handling Training provision.  The NHSF have developed, in conjunction with our colleagues in HSELanD an online training module to replace the theory section of the one day training course.

What does this mean for Managers?

As a Manager you can now request your staff to sit the manual handling and people handling theory training via the on-line HSElanD module.  This will allow for more flexibility for Mangers with regard to the release of staff which in turn should minimum impact on service delivery.

Where can I locate the theory training piece?

The online module is available 24/7 at www.hseland.ie.

Are there any restrictions?

There is a requirement for your staff to sit the practical session within 6 weeks of the theory.  When attending the practical session the attendee must provide evidence of the theory certification and date of completion either prior to or on the day of training.  Your training will be certified for a period of three years from the date of your theory training.

To access this training you will require internet access however if this is an option for you then the full one day training course is still available for use and will cover both the theory and practical elements.

New Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessor Training Module now available: 

The NHSF are delighted to announce the launch of a new online training module specifically designed for DSE Assessors which is now available on HSElanD.  The aim of this training module is to equip Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessors with the knowledge and skills to carry out a basic DSE risk assessment.

To be considered competent as a DSE Assessors (HSE manager/employee) must complete all the following HSElanD modules;

 •        Managing Health and Safety In The Healthcare Setting (Grade V and above)

•         Display Screen Equipment – User/Awareness Module

•         Display Screen Equipment - Assessor Module

It is also recommended that managers (assessors) attend a risk assessment workshop to help reinforce competency around the risk assessment process.

New Ergonomics Contract now available.

 We are delighted to inform all services that an Ergonomic contract has been agreed and is now available.

 The purpose of the Ergonomist Services is to:

  • Provide expert advice and assistance to staff experiencing ergonomic difficulties in their work environments.
  • Provide recommendations around problem solving, risk assessing, utilisation and where necessary the procurement of ergonomic equipment
  • Provide ergonomic training in setting up work stations/ work systems
  • Provide comprehensive assessments and reports on the findings that are reasonable, realistic and achieve the desired result.

This existing risk assessment process of the HSE must be completed before consideration to engage the services of the Ergonomist.   Manager approval will be required as costs will be borne by the engaging service.

For more information see: Fast Fact Ergonomics

New Chemical Safety eLearning Programme “Managing Health and Safety in Healthcare: Chemical Agent Hazards” is now available at HSElanD.

We are delighted to launch this introductory course developed by the Health and Safety Authority. The course provides information on the identification and risk assessment of chemicals in the workplace.  This course will take approximately 40-60 mins to complete and is available at www.hseland.ie.  The course is for managers, staff and health and safety representatives.

On successful completion of this course you should be able to:

  • identify chemical agent hazards that exist in the healthcare environment
  • identify ways in which healthcare employees are exposed to chemical agents in the workplace
  • outline the steps involved in a chemical risk assessment
  • describe measures used to safeguard healthcare employees from the effects of hazardous chemicals

Specialised training may be required in respect of certain chemicals and work processes, which should be identified through the Training Needs Assessment process by each line manager and their staff.   Please see National Health and Safety Function FAQ 014:02 for further information or contact the health and safety helpdesk.

New Training Booking Process Introduced:

As part of our efforts to continually improve our services, we are pleased to announce the introduction of a new, improved and simplified booking and cancelation process for Health and Safety Courses.

Booking forms are now fully integrated into the self-service Helpdesk – simplifying the process for you.  Line Managers can easily book/cancel training for individuals or groups of staff, maintain records and monitor the progress of submitted training requests.

NHSF Information Sessions:

The National Health and Safety Function provides high-quality, centralised resources that motivates, enables and empowers managers and staff to discharge their legal and moral duties with regard to Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Management.

We deliver support and advice to you by providing;

  • A website with a suite of resources and documentation available
  • A self-service helpdesk, which acts as a single point of contact for all your OSH requests
  • Occupational Safety and Health Policy development
  • An Audit programme

We are delivering information sessions to assist managers in implementing an effective health & safety management programme. The aim of these information sessions is to inform managers of:

  • the benefits of accessing the help desk/website
  • resources available
  • how to access the information available on the website
  • how to log a request to the help desk & explanation of the process involved
  • key topics/emerging trends to the help desk.

The information session can offer managers an opportunity to discuss any health & safety issues pertaining to their area.  Should you wish to book an information session in your area (min attendance 20 managers): Please email your name, CHO/Hospital Group, job title and contact details to Kathleen.OHanlon@hse.ie

European Health and Safety Campaign:

"Healthy Workplaces for All Ages" for 2016-2017 commences on the 24th of October.  In Ireland and Europe the workforce is going to have to stay in employment longer.  For all workers this means we must ensure that throughout our working life we remain fit, healthy and safe. 

The HSE is supporting this campaign be providing relevant information and resources which can be accessed here.  In summary, what you do now will influence who you are in the future, so plan your retirement, stay active and eat healthily.   Click here for further information.

New H&S E-learning training programme launched:

The National Health and Safety Function have developed an online training programme entitled “Managing Health and Safety in the Healthcare Setting”. The programme provides managers with the appropriate information and guidance on the core responsibilities and action required to implement a safety management programme within their area of remit. This programme is mandatory for managers, department heads and all those with responsibility for safety health and wellbeing within the HSE (HSE Memo; Workplace Safety and Health Management, 28th September 2016) and is available on HSELanD.

The software required to access the Managing Health and Safety in a Healthcare Setting E-Learning Programme is IE 9. Users experiencing difficulties should contact HSELanD for support by emailing support@hseland.ie. To see how to access this health and safety programme please click here.


We would like to introduce our latest site developement called  "FAST FACTS".  Fast Facts provide a brief overview of various health and safety topics to support our managers, employees, safety representatives and others.  Why not review these documents at your safety committees/departmental meetings?.  These documents can be accessed by clicking on the Guideline, Safety Advisory Guidance Notes and Fast Facts button