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Meeting 18th September 2019

National Staff Engagement Forum Meeting
18th September 2019
Dr Steevens Hospital, Dublin.

Philip Crowley opened the meeting and spoke about the importance of engagement through all aspects of everyday work and how important it is from a QID perspective on the outcomes for all staff and patients.  He continued that he is delighted to continue his role as co-sponsor of the Forum along with the new  Director of National HR, Ann Marie Hoey, who he introduced and welcomed to the stage.

Ann Marie was delighted to be at the Forum today and to meet with members. She confirmed her commitment to the Forum and was looking forward to the members working towards the priorities for the Forum in 2020.

A special mention had to be given to the Dubs and their winning success in the All Ireland.  Grainne had brought decoration in the form of the Dublin flag to be displayed prominently, only after a lively discussion and vote by members.  There are probably a few photos doing the rounds that were taken on the day.

Vera Kelly thanked Ann Marie and Phillip for their comments and their commitment to the Forum going forward.  Vera outlined the agenda for the day and welcomed back the Sláintecare Team as the first presentation.  The Sláintecare team gave positive feedback to the group on their last session and welcomed the opportunity to gather feedback from HSE staff on current communications channel on 3 particular areas regarding the communication process and different methodology with particular emphasis on use of the website, on the one page flyer on communication and on social media.  The full presentation and feedback are attached to the e-mail accompanying this document.

Maureen Flynn and Nicola O’Grady from National QI Team led a discussion on how to include staff experience in executive management team meetings.   Maureen was looking for specific feedback on: Staff engagement materials; Particular staff experience initiatives or stories and Suggestions for ‘a day in the life of’.  Our members did not disappoint and Maureen was delighted with the feedback, which is attached to the email accompanying this document.

Sinead Woods highlighted the importance of visitors to the staff engagement website, and how traffic can be tracked.  We would encourage all members to log on to www.hse.ie/staffengagment as often as possible, particularly to see the new blogs and new information that is put up.  The website was the brainchild of Forum members and we need to show that it is being used by the members, particularly as an information point.  The more click the site has, the easier it is to find on a search.

After a lovely wellness session hosted by Adrienne Lynam in the sunny courtyard of Dr Steevens, just in case we were getting a bit sleepy after the fabulous lunch as always provided by the catering company in Dr Steevens, members returned eager to share their updates on their projects to date.  Time was given for each team to network and plan their next steps.  All project teams were encouraged by the feedback from the floor and lively discussions took place in all corners of the room.

A special mention must be given to Shann Morris, who produced a lovely pop up for the day, that incorporated her poster design on simple engagement messages that she promotes at all times in her work area.  You will be able to read Shann’s blog on the staff engagement website shortly and a video will also shortly be available courtesy of Lorraine Smyth (communications and also a member of the project team).

Project updates and action points:

Real Engagement with HSE Management:  Jimmy Todd, Grainne Leach, Marie Kinsella, Roisin Fahy, Pauline McDonagh, Jennifer Madden, Irene Maguire, Johannes Letshwiti, Carol Barr, Conor MacPartlin, Cathal Reilly.

 Our action items include;

 Further work on developing the document we have together and agreeing format for a presentation
Examination of strategic and policy documents, to define links or differences between what is documented in those and the real issues for staff on the ground
Clarification to be sought from Liam Woods, around the impact structural changes in the HSE will have on our original plans, in terms of Target Audience and opportunities to meet them. Also to seek an indication of the time that may be available for the group to make a presentation to them.
Circulation of documents among the members via email and if necessary a meeting of those available to finalise the proposal as much as possible, in advance of the next Staff Engagement Forum meeting.

Bring it back/Power of One:  Shann Morris, Monica Mahon, Liam McElhinney, Paul Farnan, Lisa Walsh, Iryan Gajardo, Orla Byrne, Caroline Lennon-Nally, Grainne Milne

 Grainne Milne is going to develop a tool to measure behaviours prior to introducing the poster into her area. Iryin and Vasile were going to bring the poster to their managers attention. Shann Morris  to continue discussion with the nurses in her area about things could be done to improve staff engagement in our area.
Shann has identified  support in her area who is very keen to come on board and management are keen to release her.  Shann to link with Breda re details.
 Shann to write a blog about the poster she has developed to be included on the staff engagement website.  Shann will link with Sinead re details.
The’ Humans of Dr Steevens’ photographic staff engagement initiative, which was undertaken as part of the ‘Power of One, is almost complete

Peer Review:  Ejiro O’Hare Stratton, Paul Gallen

 Working on peer review project together to present at next meeting on 3rd December.

Welcoming:  Gerard Crotty, Patricia Treacy, Patrick Farrell, Aska Pasek, Antoinette Kelly, Helen Brown

 (Update to follow)

Engaging Leaders:  Theresa Heller, Adrienne Lynam, Juliana Duffin, Janet Murray, Siobhan Burke

 Map of engagement initiatives and supports to be reviewed nationally.  Initial scoping suggests that initiatives can be broken into 3 areas:
HR Core Business
Health and Wellbeing Core Business
Funded initiatives
Janet Murray to examine 6 engagement initiatives in Mullingar Hospital will feedback at next meeting.

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