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Meeting 3rd December 2019

Feedback from NSEF Meeting Dec 3rd  2019

Welcome & Introductions including contribution from St. Lukes Hospital, Rathgar

Jacqueline Robinson and Fergal Walsh really made a positive impression on the group, sharing their staff engagement story at St Luke’s and approaches they understood to address the results of the 2018 Staff Survey . We received a lot of positive feedback on the day, which I have relayed back and we will keep in contact with St Luke’s in 2020 to see how their journey evolves throughout the year.  Jacqueline has kindly given us her presentation as a number of members requested it on the day. 

Corporate Plan Workshop

Brian Murphy and his colleagues from Ernst & Young would like us to thank you on their behalf for the feedback they received on the day and the positive interaction with the entire group.  Brian has advised me that he will return at the February meeting with feedback and for further collaboration with the group.  Brian kindly sent on the collated feedback from the workshop, for your information. (Please see attached doc).

Relaxation Exercise

Elaine Fallon relaxed us into the afternoon with a mindfulness session that gave us the opportunity to rebalance and take five minutes out of a hectic day for ourselves.

Staff Engagement Updates – Individual & Project

Caroline Lennon-Nally expertly navigated the group through the feedback session of the individual engagement stories, we had a insightful presentation from Elaine Naughton on the National HealthIrl platform; from Elaine Fallon in her Engagement role with the Saolta Hospital Group and Paul Gallon on the Peer Review Programme and his own new role with the NAS as Head of Health & Wellbeing.  Caroline then facilitated the session with the updates from the group projects.

Caroline and Niamh Lacey spoke to the group about their experience as representatives of the Forum on the Citizen, Staff Engagement and Experience Steering Group. Caroline & Niamh gave an honest review of the day and their concerns of what they were expecting vis-à-vis their experience.  They will continue to update the Forum after each meeting.

Forum Goals/Priorities for 2020

What was important to me as a member of the NSEF in 2020?
Launch of people strategy- organisational engagement- views of our group being valued
Communication with and input into Sláintecare plans
Insights and shared learning from across HSE Healthcare Organisations
Good support in this group
Organisational engagement with Staff Engagement Forum
Views of NSEF valued
The voice of one being heard by many
Meeting colleagues throughout HSE – commonalities.
So What – what have we learned from this:
Simple engagement behaviours make a difference to staff and patients
Staff engagement works – we have lots of evidence and great examples
Staff liked to be asked what they think and the capacity to listen to staff is so important for staff engagement.
We need to persevere, to take action.  Be empowered and take responsibility locally, particularly to call out  unacceptable behaviours and practices.
Not to underestimate the ‘Power of One’ and our individual capacity to promote engagement and change in our workplaces.
Confidence that staff voices are heard, need to get more feedback from colleagues to bring to the Forum and back from the Forum to local workplaces.
Confidence to engage locally and use tools we have learned here.  When you have support of Senior Management it does make a huge difference, bring it back home to take it from here and deliver it back out.
Scepticism and local buy-in still difficult in some places.  Need greater buy- in and support form Senior Managers.
What next for 2020 – our priorities
Invite members of the Executive Management Team, to attend Forum meetings and take an active part in the agenda and discussion.
To define and describe the leadership we want to see happening across out health system.  What kind of leader do I want?  What does it actually mean? We should describe it. If behaviours we see are good, we pass that onto those that come after us.
Take ownership of our leadership- if we take a look at NHS Mike West, ‘Compassionate Care Leadership’.  Reality is we have targets to meet, but how do we want to treat one another. Hold people accountable for what is within their remit.
Our relationship with Sláintecare Vis- a -vis their interaction with forum and our involvement with the Citizen and Staff Engagement committee  , and Values in Action programme to clarify how we will work together going forward. 
Review our Terms of Reference and membership of the group.  Look at representation including S38’s & 39’s.
Staff Health and Wellbeing is on our agenda as a standing item, we will continue to focus on including and developing staff inclusion and diversity supports.
Acknowledging and promoting the importance of staff enjoying their work
St Luke’s is a really good example of collective leadership. (photo of patient and client). General Manager listens; she is genuine towards staff and patients. The Induction piece they have is pushing engagement ethos the whole way through.
Let us take ownership and push the barriers- call things out as we see them.
Take ownership as appropriate of the Staff survey findings 2018 and continue to develop and document engagement initiatives across the system.  Regular Agenda item for 2020
Ensure that Staff Engagement is a KPI as part of the regular management reporting process.
 Roll out Shann Morris’s poster ‘today I will’ across the system.

We will revisit the proposed goals/priorities  at the February meeting and focus on more detailed planning including  specific actions and timelines.

Meetings for 2020: Tuesday 25th February; Tuesday 9th June; Tuesday 8th September; Tuesday 8th December 2020

Staff Engagement