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Yammer Staff Engagement Groups

National Staff Engagement Forum - Forum members only - https://www.yammer.com/hse.ie/#/threads/inGroup?type=in_group&feedId=9213076

For all other health service employees - https://www.yammer.com/hse.ie/#/threads/inGroup?type=in_group&feedId=14377825&view=all

Staff Engagement Framework

Action 2.1 of the People Strategy commits to embedding a culture of engagement as a hallmark of good leadership practice across the health system. The development of a Staff Engagement Strategy based on a whole system approach, working with all divisions and building on the experiences and contributions of staff got underway during the last quarter of 2017 with input from a number of stakeholders;

  • Community of Practice Group encompassing: Quality Improvement Division, National HR, Communications, Workplace Health & Wellbeing, HBS, Strategic Planning and Transformation
  • The National Staff Engagement Forum
  • The National HR Division Staff Engagement Forum
  • Other interested individuals and groups

Feedback from managers and staff during the consultation process, was that they wanted a practical resource which would clearly show the evidence base, meaning and benefits of staff engagement. People also said they wanted guidance on the main factors that impact staff engagement and practical steps that everyone can take to improve. In addition they said staff wanted a resource document that was concise, accessible and visibly appealing.

‘Engaging Health Staff – An Introduction’ was presented at the National Staff Engagement Forum meeting on Wednesday 11th of April where it received a resounding endorsement. Although the framework was launched at the Director General's Masterclass on April 18th we see this document as a work in progress and we would welcome feedback on the content of the framework and its overall usefulness and accessibility. We will also be seeking advice on the technical aspects such as layout and imagery etc. Following a period of trial and feedback we will have an updated edition of this framework available in the Autumn.

Staff Engagement