Staff Research

Your Opinion Counts - Staff Survey 2021

The HSE in partnership with Core Research conducted a Health Service wide Staff Survey which commenced on the 6th of September 2021 and ran for a six week period.

A total 12,959 Health Service employees completed this survey.

The Survey questionnaire themes remained broadly in line with the 2018 research, with the addition of a section on COVID-19 experience and two open free text questions around staff ideas for improvement.

The report of the findings can be accessed at the link below: 

Your Opinion Counts Staff Survey 2021.pdf (size 2.5 MB)

COVID-19 Pulse Staff Survey Report and Research Infographics 

COVID-19 Pulse Staff Survey 2020

COVID-19 Staff Focus Group 2020

Overview Infographic Staff Research 2020.pdf (size 264.4 KB)

Recognising Staff.pdf (size 146.3 KB)

Health & Wellbeing Infographic.pdf (size 195.3 KB)

Communication Infographic 2020.pdf (size 255.5 KB)

Involvement in Decision Making Infographic.pdf (size 539 KB)

Your Opinion Counts Staff Survey 2018 & 2016

Your Opinion Counts Staff Survey 2018.pdf (size 4.1 MB)

Your Opinion Counts Staff Survey 2016 Main Findings .pdf (size 1.9 MB)