A positive experience from Anne-Marie Kavanagh

A positive experience story from Anne-Marie Kavanagh about ‘Health Promotion and Improvement’ 

“My gratitude to members of the Finance Division in Swords for the support they have given me to perform financial tasks over the last couple of years. 

They have all been most helpful to me whenever I have rung to ask for advice, e.g. Elizabeth Broderick, Margaret Neville and Carmel Allen.  They have patiently talked me through steps on SAP to help me generate reports and also provided guidance in relation to monthly financial accruals.  I would have nominated them in the Values In Action Survey but their names weren’t on the system.

Also: Fiona Scully and Claire Moore, Grade Vs in Environmental Health, have been and continue to be of invaluable help to me in my efforts to follow updated procedures correctly in respect of HR functions etc.

The above named go out of their way to help staff outside their departments, and this is so commendable at a time when many admin staff are shorthanded and overstretched.”