Dublin's Dean Rock talks Staff Engagement and how to be a team player!

Dublin’s Dean Rock talks Staff Engagement and how to be a team player!

Many across Ireland will be familiar with Dean Rock, the 6 time All Ireland winner (5 of which were in a row but sure we all knew that). But Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 Dean is just like all of us, trying to provide a top quality service to patients and service users across Ireland.  As Fundraising and Communications Manager for Stewarts Care in Palmerstown, Dean has been introduced to Staff Engagement through Gráinne Leach, member of the National Staff Engagement Forum and Chief Officer of the National Haemophilia Council.

Dean Rock with staff and service users from Stewarts Care, Palmerstown

Image 1:  Dean Rock with staff and service users from Stewarts Care Palmerstown

Dean has spoken on the Late Late Show, Ireland AM, numerous newspaper articles and on his own personal twitter account about how proud he is to work for Stewarts Care and this is a key ingredient developing an engaged health workforce - “I enjoy what they do and I just want to help as many people as I can, have as much of an impact on their lives as I can while I can. It’s a great job and hugely satisfying.” (quote taken from previous article in The42). Being part of motivated, dedicated, hard-working teams is nothing new to Dean and he believes that the same qualities make a winning team on and off the pitch.

Why do you think staff engagement is so important in the health service?

 Not only in the health service but across the board staff engagement is massively important. A culture of team work is the only way individuals and organisations can achieve excellence and success. There is greater strength in numbers and more enjoyment in travelling a journey with your peers as opposed to a long and lonely one by oneself.

What are the keys to developing a winning team?

Humility, trust and hard-work is the winning combination. One without the others does not a winning team make.

Can you see any links between staff engagement and GAA/team sports in general?

There is a massive correlation between staff engagement and sports teams. Each group needs to make sacrifices in order to achieve their potential and team goals. Developing a culture of pride, love for what you do and maximum effort to each task is critical for those wishing to be successful.

What advice you would give a colleague if they want to become more engaged at work? 

According to the 2018 Staff Survey results, 52% of staff feel that their stress is work-related, 42% believe the organisation supports a healthy lifestyle – there are so many healthy initiatives on-going throughout the HSE that people need to avail of. Sport & exercise is a great way of switching off from work and life and helps to release positive endorphins. I would highly encourage staff to take up a new hobby, or a sport they have neglected for years or to renew your gym membership. Get up, get active and watch yourself evolve.

Dean will attend the National Staff Engagement Forum meeting on December 3rd to speak about his experiences.

If you would like to join the National Staff Engagement Forum, please contact:

Dean Rock with Grainne Leach and colleagues at Stewarts Care Palmerstown