Mayo University Hospital Blog Series - Fintan's Story

Fintan's Staff Engagement Story

Fintan Staunton Member MUH Staff Engagement Forum Fintan Staunton - Patient & Family Advisor at MUH 

The Staff Recognition Awards launch was an excellent opportunity to catch-up with, and chat to staff in MUH. It was here that I bumped into Fintan who I can only describe as an advocate for the spreading of good news stories from our Health Service.  

Fintan explained that when he was invited to join the Staff Engagement Forum he didn’t think twice. He believes that the constant stream of negative press, along with the negative portrayal of the health service as a whole in the media doesn’t do justice to all the hard-work that is done by Health staff all over this country. He wanted to be a part of something that would help get the good stories shared and that by being a member of the Staff Engagement Forum would be a good place to start. Fintan has his own personal experience with Mayo University Hospital over the years, his 2 children were born there and himself and his mom & dad have used the services  over the years both inpatient and outpatient, which has given him a good perspective on the services that are offered and his current role gives him a voice to advocate on behalf of the patients and families.  Fintan is looking forward to continuing as an active member of the Forum.