Mayo University Hospital Blog Series - Sarah's Story

Sarah's Staff Engagement Story 

Sarah Ronayne, OT - Integrated Care for Older Persons

Setting up the Staff Engagement Forum at Mayo University Hospital 

We are 1 year on from when we were initially established and to be honest we didn’t really know when we started what impact we could have within the hospital, we knew our agenda would be about promoting the positive experience for staff which in turn would translate to a positive experience for our patients.

What we initially did was to ask staff what would make Mayo University Hospital a more positive place to work.  We then took all the feedback and put them into action statements, which is now our value set which we call “What Matters to Us”.

We meet monthly with the Hospital Management Team & HR to give an update on our work streams and also to see how we as a team can help drive staff engagement within the hospital.  We have developed an e-mail address for engagement that staff can contact us with suggestions or ideas that can then be discussed at our meetings.  We know there are a lot of good initiatives around the hospital and we are looking at how we can collaborate to bring all these together in one information point for staff, e.g. Healthy Ireland and Social Club etc. 

We have had some changes to our group and have been delighted to welcome new members.  It has taken a while to get established but I think the work we are doing resonates with all staff and showcasing the Staff Recognition Awards has certainly promoted who we are and what we are about.

MUH Staff Recognition Awards 

Today (10th July) we are launching the Staff Recognition Awards, this arose out of the feedback that we received and we have had a great response from the staff.  The buzz around the hospital reception area and canteen has been great.  We also have to mention John Kilkenny from Central Supplies Department, who provided the beautiful music in the reception area along students from his school of music.  It was lovely to see staff and visitors taking a moment to listen to and enjoy the performance.

Our Vision for the Future 

What does the year ahead hold for us? To embed what matters to us in our everyday work, to roll out the staff recognition awards and continue to develop engagement in the hospital with the continued support of the Management Team.