The Corridor Characters of St.Collumcille's Loughlinstown

The Corridor Characters of St Columcille’s Hospital, Loughlinstown

“What are your wishes?”

Sinéad Woods

Corridor Characters of St.Collumcille's hospital

Regularly, in a hospital in South County Dublin, a costumed character graces the hospital halls to collect the wishes of the staff. Liz Cullen, the person behind the character and this innovative, fun engagement idea says that she gets as much enjoyment out of dressing up and talking to staff as the staff get of her visits. Liz keeps her outfits and costumes seasonal with staff bumping into the Easter Bunny earlier this month and Cupid in February (maybe her costume will be Eurovison themed next month, watch this space!?) but they are all characters with a cause – to engage staff with engagement processes and initiatives that are happening in the hospital. Liz says that it is simply a case of “curiosity kills the cat” with staff always wanting to know why she is dressed up. Liz was very much the champion for the Staff Survey – Your Opinion Counts, which showed in the results for the Hospital by having a return of 33%  - the highest for the Ireland East Hospital Group. Liz is very much involved in the ‘Great Place to Work’ and details of this initiative can be found on the notice board in the main corridor.

What a fun, innovative way to engage staff and bring a lot of cheer to the corridors of a busy hospital.

What would you wish for?