Workplace Wellbeing Day

Today, Friday 31 March, is Workplace Wellbeing Day 2017 and we would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness of some of the healthy workplace supports and services now available.

Our Workplace Health & Wellbeing Unit (WHWU), part of the HR Division, is responsible for co-ordinating key services in this area such as Occupational Health, Counselling, Critical Incident Stress Management and Health and Safety.

Healthy Workplace Supports include:

Physical Activity Interventions

Are you getting 10,000 steps a day? Many work sites have ‘Sli na Slainte’ campaigns and walking groups. Why not get involved? Check out

Tobacco Use Prevention

Our smoking rates are at the lowest levels ever - Help is available if you want to quit. Visit and remember “Don’t quit quitting’’.

Positive Ageing

We advocate Healthy Workplaces for all ages and we promote a sustainable working life. For information please visit

Wellbeing and Mental Health Supports

Working in the health service can be stressful and a number of supports are available; ‘The Work Positive Programme’ is rolling out nationally in conjunction with the State Claims Agency. Advice available visit

Employee Assistance and Counselling Services (EACS)

The EACS is a national independent service, available free of charge to all employees in HSE funded hospitals, community health organisations and divisions. EACS provides a free and confidential service to staff. Visit our Employee Assistance Programme section for more details.

Healthy Eating and Active Living Initiatives

Is your canteen promoting healthy eating? Many canteens now highlight healthy options, calorie posting and stock healthier vending machines. Is this something you could advocate for in your workplace? Visit our Calorie Positing section for more information.

Visit our Health & Safety support visit  Occupational Health Services are accessible locally.

About the Workplace Health Wellbeing Unit (WHWU)

Staff Health and Wellbeing is a key priority in our organisation’s People Strategy, 2015-2018, the Healthy Ireland framework document and the EU Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign for 2016-17.

Overall Aim:

The overall aim of the Workplace Health Wellbeing Unit is to embed wellbeing into the way we work. In addition our unit is working on several projects which include:

  •  The provision of a Health Score Card for workplaces 
  •  The creation of a Testing Fatigue Risk Score for workers 
  •  Setting standards for counselling services and strengthening our critical incident responses
  •  Making sure Health and Safety is a priority in your area so you are safe at work.
  •  Physical Activity interventions in the workplace

We hope everyone enjoys National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2017 and the best of luck to all those participating in walks, talks and brief interventions today. You can contact us by email:

Follow us on twitter @whw_hr. Please use and follow #WORKWELL17 for all twitter activities. You are also very welcome to email us your images from today’s activities.