Healthcare Records Management, Safe Patient Care

A National Healthcare Records Management Advisory Group is in place to provide expert advice on all aspects of the National Healthcare Records Management Programme.  Healthcare records are a valuable resource because of the information they contain.  The aim of the Healthcare Records Management Programme is to provide a framework for consistent, coherent healthcare records management in the Health Service Executive which in turn will support a high quality service.

The HSE Standards and Recommended Practices for Healthcare Records Management V3.0 is a guide to the standards of practice required in the management of healthcare records in the HSE, based on current legal requirements and professional best practice and replaces the NHO Code of Practice for Healthcare Records Management V2.0 2007.  The HSE Abbreviations V2.0 June 2010 is also available to support staff.

Because standards and practices in relation to healthcare records management will change over time, the standards and recommended practices document will evolve to reflect those changes.

An e-learning foundation training programme developed to support the Healthcare Records Management Programme and help staff to improve their performance in relation to healthcare records management can be accessed at (HSE Staff only).

National Maternity Healthcare Record

A National Maternity Healthcare Record (NMHCR) was developed in 2011 and circulated through the office of the RDOs for implementation in all HSE funded maternity hospitals/units.  The introduction of a standardised chart is a significant factor in improving maternity care nationally.  The NMHCR will help to improve quality of care as staff move between hospitals.  It will also assist in the collection of standardised data in maternity hospitals/units and facilitate future research into maternal and fetal health.  The NMHCR is a unified healthcare record that supports continuity of care and facilitates communication between all members of the multidisciplinary team.



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