HPV Vaccine Protect Girls from Cervical Cancer

HPV Vaccine Protect Girls from Cervical Cancer


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The HPV vaccine protects girls from getting cervical cancer when they are adults. HPV vaccination has begun for girls in Ireland, and this website is designed to answer some common questions about the vaccine and to let you know when you or your daughter will be offered HPV Vaccine. Choose from the options below.

About HPV and Cervical Cancer - Let's start at the beginning! What is HPV, how do you get it and how does it cause cancer?

Who is getting the HPV vaccine? This vaccine is being given to all girls going into 1st Year and 6th Year this September. Read more about who is getting HPV vaccine

All about the vaccine -Is it safe? Does it hurt? Yes it is safe, and it might hurt a tiny bit - but it's worth it! Read all about Vaccine Safety here


Any Questions? We have a team of Doctors and Nurses who can answer any other questions you might have about HPV vaccine, so email us your questions here

Information Booklets All our information for parents and schools is available to download in English and Irish

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