Human Papillomavirus (HPV) School Immunisation Programme

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August 2016

The HSE has offered the HPV vaccine to all girls in first year in second level schools since 2010 to protect them from cervical cancer in adulthood. HPV vaccine is offered to this age group because the response to the vaccine is best at this age.

The vaccine is recommended to reduce the burden of cervical cancer for women by

  • the World Health Organization
  • the International Federation of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • the National Immunisation Advisory Committee . 

The HPV vaccine is available free of charge from the HSE for all girls in 1st year of second level school.

The vaccine is given through a school based programme, to ensure high vaccine uptake. However, in specific instances some girls will be invited to special HSE clinics for their vaccines.

The HSE will let you know the date the school immunisation team will attend your daughter’s school to give the HPV vaccine. If a student misses the vaccine in school, the HSE will arrange for the student to be vaccinated at a HSE clinic.

To read more about HPV please visit the following pages

The following information materials are available for parents of girls in 1st year of all second level schools and age equivalent in special schools or home schooled.

Information Booklet - English | Irish | Arabic | Simplified Chinese | German | French | Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Russian

Consent Form - English and Irish combined form

Post Vaccination Advice - English | Irish

If you have any questions please contact the schools immunisation programme office in your area. The contact phone numbers are available in English and Irish.

More Information about HPV can be found at the following websites:

The following information materials are available for healthcare professionals who carry out the programme.

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The following information has been circulated to school principals and GPs

Medicine Protocol for the School Immunisation Programme

Gardasil safety reports

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