Building a Better Health Service

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Value Improvement Programme

The Value Improvement Programme is a single over-arching programme with three broad priority themes

  • improving value within existing services
  • improving value within non-direct service areas, and
  • strategic value improvement.

Robust governance and appropriate support arrangements have been established to manage the programme.

Value will be judged in terms of how services are improved especially for people using our services alongside evidence of economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

We set up the Value Improvement Programme with four aims:

  • To improve the patient experience of care
  • To reduce the per capita cost of health care
  • To improve the health of populations, and
  • To improve the work life of the people providing health care including clinicians and staff.

This is about being more effective with what we have and more efficient with what we have. It’s about maximising our resources and ensuring that we are doing more with the same resources with no adverse impact on Quality or Safety. 

Directory of Best Practice

In collaboration with HSE Human Resources, the HSE Value Improvement Programme (VIP) has developed a Directory of Best Practice as a tool that promotes best practice in identifying, sharing and signposting value improvement programmes in the HSE. It is a place to share initiatives, projects, boast about the great stuff, search for help with a problem, share, teach and learn from each other. We are grateful to the individuals and teams involved in putting this together and we applaud their energy and enthusiasm.

The purpose of the directory is to highlight existing initiatives on increasing efficiency and, at the same time, improving quality and safety. It highlights the
successes HSE staff have had in delivering specific schemes which enhance quality while delivering great value and provides sign posts to existing tools
and reference materials.

Should you have any feedback or queries, please contact us at

Examples of Value Improvement Projects

We have examples of value improvement projects across all sections of the health service under the following themes.

Service Re-design & Strategy

Delivering better value for money on hospital drug spend

Trauma Assessment Clinic

Reshaping Care

Innovative support coordination for older persons

Social Care

Gay Men's Health Service

Resource Efficiency, Staff Engagement & Education

Food Project, Phoenic Park

Acute Hospital

Serum eye drops

Nurse led PICC line insertion

Influenza vaccination campaign

Frail Intervention Therapy

Acute diabetic foot pathway

Acute Hospital (Service Integration)

Mental Health / Communications

Service Integration: Social Care & Acute Hospital