Parentcraft Antenatal Education with Portlaoise Hospital

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Parentcraft Antenatal Education for expectant mothers is now available at The Portlaoise Family Resource Centre, Treo Nua. These classes are being delivered by Maternity Services at the Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise.

Parentcraft antenatal education offers evidence-based information to women and their support partners on late pregnancy, labour, birth and the transition to early parenthood. The goal of Parentcraft classes is to build confidence in expectant parents’ own ability to birth their baby and have the knowledge to support their own informed choice about care. Women will be offered collaborative classes with a Midwife, Dietician, Infant Feeding Specialist and Physiotherapist.

The aim of our classes will be to give women and their support partners a positive birth experience as well as meeting other mums to be. We hope women feel empowered and confident in their knowledge of pregnancy, birth and parentcraft following their set of classes.

The Dietician will provide education on safe foods in pregnancy, how to get the nutrients you need in pregnancy as well as nourishing yourself after baby arrives.

The Physiotherapist will cover common problems associated with pregnancy and how to promote pelvic floor health in preparation for labour and after the birth of the baby.

Our Infant Feeding Specialist will guide you through your feeding journey. They will empower you to understand newborn behaviour, feeding cues and what to expect when breastfeeding.

In the first class, ‘Pregnancy Wellbeing’ we will discuss: Healthy third trimester; Common issues in pregnancy; Importance of fetal movements; Services available in hospital; Role of partner in pregnancy; Stages and signs of labour; Comfort measures at home; Optimal fetal positioning; Packing your hospital bag; and when to come to the hospital.

In the second class we will discuss ‘Labour and Birth’. Topics that will be covered include: Partner's role in labour; Stages of labour; Contractions - what are they and how to cope; When/Where to come in; Monitoring during labour; Pain relief options; Equipment in hospital; Position demonstration; Perineal tears and episiotomy; and golden hour after birth.

In the third class we will cover ‘Possible Interventions and Parentcraft’: Recap on the stages of labour; Informed consent; Induction of labour; Forceps/Vacuum delivery and Caesarean sections; What happens during a c-section; Partner’s role and recovery; What to expect in hospital; Breastfeeding; Bottle feeding; Partners role postnatally; Postnatal care - physical and mental health; When to come to the hospital in the postnatal period; Baby care; First few weeks with a newborn; and common concerns with newborns.

All our classes will be welcoming and interactive, with any comments and questions encouraged. We hope to answer any questions you have and reduce any fears you may have.

For more information on Parentcraft Antenatal Education at The Portlaoise Family Resource Centre, Treo Nua please contact Maternity Services at the Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise.


Photo Caption: From left to right - Ita Kinsella, Director of Midwifery, MRHP; Emma Mullins, Assistant Director of Midwifery, MRHP; Caoimhe Kenny, Senior Dietitian, MRHP; Laura Grant with baby Freddie, the first woman to give birth in the Midwifery-Led Clinic at MRHP; Audrey Smyth, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Pelvic Health, MRHP; Siobhan Flynn, Parentcraft Co-ordinator; Georgina Enderson, Senior Physiotherapist in Pelvic Health, MRHP; and Angela Dunne, Director of Midwifery for the HSE National Women and Infants Health Programme at the launch of Parentcraft Antenatal Education at The Portlaoise Family Resource Centre, Treo Nua.