Planning and Business Information (PBI)

Planning and Business Information (PBI) deliver national  plans, corporate business information and corporate performance reports for the HSE

The planning function co-ordinates and oversees the development of key organisational planning processes at national level including corporate and national service planning across all divisions and the production of the annual report.

Business information collects and collates the information required to report performance as set out in the National Service Plan (NSP) and operational plans. It provides monthly performance reports which support performance oversight through the National Performance Oversight Group (NPOG) and performance management by the Director General. Monthly performance data and an overview of areas in escalation and actions planned are also provided to the Department of Health (DoH) and the Minister.

The People

There are approximately 40 people working within PBI across three main areas: planning; business information and corporate reporting. There are a variety of roles working in  four locations: Dr Steevens Dublin; Palmerstown, Dublin; Kells, Co Meath and Áras Sláinte, Cork.

Training and personal development are highly valued and team members are supported and encouraged to participate across the team and engage in continuous learning.

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A need for a focused transition/change management team has been recognised and is part of the further planning for the team.

The Work Deadlines

Our planning work is governed by legislative requirements around delivery of the Annual Report (May), the NSP (November) and the Corporate Plan (every three years with the next one due March 2018).

Data collection and performance reporting is managed around the timeline for operational performance process and the NPOG. There is a cut off for data provision of the 15th of the month and the process culminates in the use of the performance documents for NPOG on the first Wednesday of the following month.

PBI and the National Director of Quality and Verification (QAV) office support the NPOG which serves as a key performance and accountability oversight and scrutiny process for the health service.

It is the responsibility of the NPOG as a part of the overall accountability process, to scrutinise the performance of each National Director as the head of their division to assess performance against the NSP. The NPOG meets on a monthly basis to review performance across the health service.

Continuous information improvement

Alongside the annual and monthly deadlines a programme of improvement is underway to improve the quality of the data we receive and use; to provide better access to reports, including web based access; to improve the KPIs used and to improve our overall planning processes.

The tools

We have commissioned a review of the applications required to enable us to work more effectively and efficiently. This sets out requirements for the futureWe have an extensive portfolio of work with the OoCIO.

Priorities for 2017

  • Review the HSE’s overall planning framework and develop a model for future planning
  • Prepare a Corporate Plan for the period 20182020 which supports the recommendations of the All Party Committee on the Future of Healthcare
  • Prepare Estimates 2018 and NSP2018
  • Publish the Annual Report 2016
  • Put in place a governance process for the identification, development and reporting of key performance indicators
  • Implement the recommendations of the data governance review
  • Complete the development of a data repository for reporting performance
  • Provide a web based performance reporting interface at national and divisional level

PBI HSE Documents

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►     Annual Report 2015 

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