HBS Procurement COVID-19

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HBS Procurement provides a range of specialist services and advice in delivering a fully integrated sourcing and logistics service to our customers.  HBS Procurement have been working intensely under increasing pressure in order to manage the supply and replenishment of critical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) stocks to support the service through COVID-19. 

HBS Procurement COVID-19 Customer Service 

A single point of contact for supply and replenishment of critical PPE stocks to support the service through COVID-19 is now available and all stock related queries should be channelled through this Customer Service Team

Access the PPE Request Form

Email Address: covid19.procurement@hse.ie

Contact Number: 059 9178062

We need to work together with the best intent for our health service and therefore it is imperative that all customers are cognisant of the supply challenges that present worldwide. It is important to be aware that if stock piling, panic buying or misappropriate use of PPE is undertaken, this could disrupt the supply of existing stock levels to the right place at the right time depending on the demand.  

HBS Procurement have been working collaboratively with suppliers to support the health service through these challenging times and it is important to recognise the extent of this engagement. If you are a business that is aligned to supplying health care products please email us at covid19.procurement@hse.ie and include a specific subject line: Supplier Sourcing Information 

In order to support requirements of COVID-19, HBS Procurement is procuring in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the World Health Organisation Operational Support and Logistics Disease Commodity Packages

Please be aware of the guidance to support prioritisation of the use of PPE.

HBS Procurement is one of the business areas of Health Business Service which is critical to supporting frontline services in providing care to patients and service users. It is important that all HBS staff are reassured that this support is very valued and appreciated. 

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