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The Health Service Corporate Plan “Building a High Quality Health Service for a Healthier Ireland”, sets out the vision, mission, and values of the Irish Health Service. It envisages a wide range of service improvements that will take place across the health service.

The Programme for Health Service Improvement was established to support the building of a better health service for the population of Ireland.

We are working, in partnership with the people who both deliver and receive health and social care across the country, to design a more integrated and joined-up service, that is offered in a safe, timely, and  efficient way, as close to home as possible. 

The Programme for Health Service Improvement Action Plan outlines a programmatic approach to how we will Build a Better Health Service over time with specific deliverables.
These improvements are being managed and delivered across the reform portfolio - Programme for Health Service Improvement.

This will be achieved by:

  • creating an empowered and accountable health delivery system through the establishment of Community Healthcare Organisations, with close links to Hospital Groups, the Primary Care Reimbursement Service and the National Ambulance Service Building
  • Designing models of care which are patient-centred, evidence-based and clinically led across the whole service
  • Fostering an environment that supports research and education
  • Transforming the key support functions of Human Resources, Information and Communication Technology, Finance and Health Business Services (Shared Services)

The Programme for Health Service Improvement is committed to fostering a health service devoted to a culture of continuous learning and improvement, where patient and service needs come first and where the value of person-centred care is communicated and understood at all levels across the health system.

The Vision, Values & Objectives of this Framework

 A Unified Vision for the Health Service

‘A healthier Ireland with a high quality health service valued by all’


Common Values for the Health Service:


•             We will provide care that is of the highest quality.

•             We will deliver evidence based best practice.

•             We will listen to the views and opinions of our patients and service users and consider them in how we plan and deliver our services.


•             We will show respect, kindness, consideration and empathy in our communication and interaction with people.

•             We will be courteous and open in our communication with people and recognise their fundamental worth.

•             We will provide services with dignity and demonstrate professionalism at all times.


•             We will provide services in which people have trust and confidence.

•             We will be open and transparent in how we provide services.

•             We will show honesty, integrity, consistency and accountability in decisions and actions.


•             We will foster learning, innovation and creativity.

•             We will support and encourage our workforce to achieve their full potential.

•             We will acknowledge when something is wrong, apologise for it, take corrective action and learn from it.

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